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Tuesday, March 03, 2015


- but totally failed over the last 16 years....

More than 300 young people have been groomed and sexually exploited by gangs of men in Oxfordshire over the last 16 years, a highly critical report into the failures of police and social services to stop years of sexual torture, trafficking and rape is to be released on Tuesday March 3rd.

The victims, mostly girls, come predominantly from the city of Oxford, increasing concerns that the grooming and exploitation of vulnerable young people by groups of older men is not confined to the inner cities. One senior investigative source said: “If you think you haven’t got a problem in your city or town, you are just not looking for it.”

Police and social services in Oxfordshire will be heavily criticised for not doing enough to stop years of violent abuse and enslavement of six young girls, aged 11-15, by a gang of men. Such was the nature of the abuse, suffered for more than eight years by the girls, it was likened to torture. All of the victims had a background in care.

A serious case review by the Oxfordshire safeguarding children’s board, to be published on Tuesday, will condemn Thames Valley police for not believing the young girls, for treating them as if they had chosen to adopt the lifestyle, and for failing to act on repeated calls for help.

Oxfordshire social services – which had responsibility for the girls’ safety – will be equally damned for knowing they were being groomed and for failing to protect them despite compelling evidence they were in danger. One social worker told a trial that nine out of 10 of those responsible for the girls was aware of what was going on.

The serious case review has put a figure on the numbers exploited to give an idea of the scale of the problem. The report will say more than 300 young people have been subjected to grooming and abuse between 1999 and 2014 in Oxfordshire alone.

The attempt to quantify the scale of abuse mirrors the work of the Jay report into child sexual exploitation in Rotherham, which said 1,400 young people had been subjected to grooming and abuse between 1999 and 2013.

An insider said the report was “brutal” in its condemnation of Thames Valley police and Oxfordshire social services.

Weeks before the publication of the serious case review, the chief executive of Oxfordshire county council, Joanna Simons, announced she would be stepping down in the summer, a move questioned by the Oxford East MP Andrew Smith, who said he was “concerned at the decision and how it had been taken”.

The council said she would not be replaced and the authority was reorganising its management structure. In a joint message with the council in January, Simons said that in order to protect frontline services, the authority would be making changes to its top team which would involve the departure of the chief executive.

The case echoes the child exploitation scandals in Rotherham, Rochdale and Derby involving gangs of men of Asian background targeting white girls in care. In Oxford, however, the grooming, sexual torture and trafficking took place on the streets of the Cowley area of the city, in churchyards, parks, a guesthouse and empty flats procured for the purpose of drugging the girls and handing them around to be gang raped and brutalised.
A 12-year-old victim was branded by the men and, when she fell pregnant, subjected to a backstreet abortion in a house in Reading. Over six years, she was repeatedly raped by groups of men in what she described as “torture sex”.

Key findings in the serious case review will expose how police officers and social workers did not listen to the girls when they spoke of the abuse they were suffering, did not believe them and dismissed them.

The girls and some of their abusers crossed the police and social services radar multiple times. In 2006 alone, the police received four complaints from the young girls about the men, with their accounts corroborated in some cases. One victim reported the abuse twice to police in 2006. She told officers: “They are doing it to other girls, little girls with their school uniforms on.”

There were thousands of contacts between both agencies and the girls and they were reported missing at least 450 times. One victim, known as Girl C, has spoken of how her foster mother reported her missing 80 times.

The number of young people identified by the report – more than 300 – as victims of child sexual exploitation in the last 15 years is considered a robust figure because the girls have all been spoken to by police or social services.

But the numbers are likely to be an underestimate. Figures from Thames Valley police reveal that 220 of the 2,000 child abuse cases reported across the force in 13 months from July 2013 to August 2014involved child sexual exploitation.

Nearly 700 children and young people suspected of being at risk of exploitation have been referred to new specialist police and social services units in Thames Valley between November 2012 and November 2014; 250 in Berkshire, 237 in Buckinghamshire and 206 in Oxfordshire.

It was not until 2011 when DCI Simon Morton trawled through missing persons reports, health records and social services data that Thames Valley police began to link the girls’ repeated patterns of going missing, returning and going missing again with the activities of the men – some of whom were known to police for drug crimes.

After a groundbreaking two-year investigation, Operation Bullfinch, seven men – including two sets of brothers – were convicted at the Old Bailey in May 2013 of 43 offences, which included trafficking, forcing girls into prostitution, procuring an illegal abortion, rape and physical violence.
Brothers Akhtar and Anjum Dogar, Bassam and Mohammed Karrar, Kamar Jamil, Zeeshan Ahmed and Assad Hussain, who were all from Oxford, were given sentences ranging from a minimum of seven to 20 years in prison.

Source: Agencies

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370 women and Young Girls systematically groomed for sex over 16 years - Oxfordshire Safeguarding Childrens Board

 All the background documents to the shocking sexual grooming of some 370 women and girls over the last 16 years. 

 Oxfordshire Safeguarding Childrens Board Report released earlier today.  Lessons for Peterborough are here.

AB Reported 2007

Key Facts

AB was an eighteen month old boy who died accidentally in July 2006 after falling into his grandparents’ garden pond. The family had been known to Oxfordshire Children’s Services for several years; AB and his sister were on Oxfordshire’s Child Protection Register from September 2004 to September 2005 under the category of neglect. The case was characterised by domestic violence; poor safety in the home, including poor supervision; mother’s depression; and hostility towards professional intervention. From February to July 2006 the two children and their mother lived in refuge accommodation in Hampshire, Portsmouth and East Sussex, returning to Oxfordshire three days before AB died. The mother had been known to Social Workers prior to August 2004. She had four previous children, one living with her father (i.e. Maternal Grandfather), one placed for adoption and two living with their father.


There was no evidence to suggest that different decisions and actions by individual professionals at any one time would have resulted in a different outcome. At no time could any one person have been expected to predict that AB would drown. However, what emerges from the analysis is the challenge of working with complex family situations where risks may be fluctuating on an almost daily basis. Also that as the family moved around, professionals failed to effectively link – an example of the ‘start again syndrome’ highlighted in the findings from SCRs nationally.

Key Learning and Action

 The case would have benefitted from a sharper, more outcome focused plan and work was undertaken with Conference chairs to achieve a better outcomes focus in child protection planning. Liaison between agencies across LA and Health boundaries and acceptance of one another’s assessments was addressed by changes to procedures. The role of Women’s Refuge staff in child protection was addressed through changes to the service level agreement. The danger posed by garden ponds to young children needed a higher profile and a publicity campaign was undertaken to address this.

CD Reported 2007

Key Facts

In December 2006 CD fell to her death fell from the balcony of her tower block home (later recorded by the coroner with an open verdict) following an evening of drinking and emotional confrontation with her father. In her 16 years, she had multiple changes of school and address and was part of a large chaotic family. She was the subject of child protection procedures on five separate occasions, four times because of concerns about sexual abuse, and the fifth because of concerns about the risk of physical abuse and neglect connected with domestic violence. Care proceedings resulted in supervision orders, not care orders due to parenting improvements. At fourteen years old CD started self-harming and her school attendance became a cause for concern. At several points she was offered counselling and following the pattern set within her family CD rarely attended more than an initial session. At 15 CD ‘voted with her feet’ and went to live with her father, against professionals and her mother’s wishes.


This was a complex, complicated and chaotic family who did not engage with professionals, seeking help only under the duress and pressure of crisis and then withdrawing from any ongoing involvement. There did not appear to be any single action, by any agency, that would definitely have resulted in a different outcome. Significantly all agencies worked hard with this family and there was evidence of good inter-agency communication and adherence to agreed protocols and procedures. However there was little evidence over the years of real, outcome focused joined up work or planning, and a lack of multi-agency meetings.

Key Learning and Action

The inter agency work with CD and her family could have been better planned and focussed; improvements which followed included multiagency early intervention work. One major contributing factor seemed to be the family’s reluctance to engage with professionals, which it was thought might have benefitted from family based decision making rather than the conventional approach which failed here; as a consequence investment in the Family Group Conference Service increased ten-fold. Issues highlighted around engaging reluctant families resulted in changes to CAMHS procedure and practice.

EF Reported 2009

 Key Facts

EF was a 15 year-old girl looked after by Oxfordshire County Council. She was living in a small, independent children’s home when, on 17 November 2008, she was found dead in her bedroom, An inquest recorded an open verdict, but it is believed that she killed herself. EF had been in the care of Oxfordshire County Council, on a full-time basis, since early 2007. Support for the family had been provided over many years, and EF’s first experience of the care system was in 2005. Her placement history included spells in in-county residential care and in secure care. Her last move to an independent children’s home in Hampshire was triggered by the closure of the independent home in which she had been living. EF had four sisters: two now adult, living independently; one older living with her father (having spent considerable time in care herself) and a younger sister living with her mother.


EF was very difficult to help and at the same time her behaviour put her at very significant risk of serious harm. Agencies worked hard to support her and her family, and shared information well but their efforts were not well enough jointly planned or coordinated. EF’s self harming behaviours were not holistically assessed nor effectively addressed by all agencies. It is not possible to say that the eventual tragic outcome could have been avoided but improved assessment, information sharing, care planning and decision making could have served to reduce the likelihood of that outcome occurring.

Key Learning and Action

The need for a more strategic, integrated multi agency approach for such complex cases was highlighted – including self-harming behaviour - which resulted in the development of a new multi-agency complex case planning process. A clear understanding of thresholds for taking court action has been addressed by the provision of additional training and guidance. Understanding by partner agencies of shared obligations towards Looked After Children has been improved through a community health review, the virtual school and improved scrutiny and monitoring through the Trust and LSCB quality assurance groups.

G-H Children x 4 Reported 09

Key Facts

The mother of these children (born in ’91, ’93, ’96 and ’02) was abused as a child herself; had been in care as a young girl; married young and had a child but subsequently divorced and had 3 further children from other partners. She began to take illegal drugs, then developed an alcohol problem. She moved frequently. She suffered violence from each of her partners to varying degrees. Social Workers and Health Visitors made enormous efforts to encourage the mother to seek help and assistance for her drug and alcohol problems, but many appointments were not kept and often excuses made as to why she could not or would not take drug urine tests. Often the children would attend school hungry, filthy and wearing dirty clothes. Home visits found the house in a totally unacceptable state for children. The children’s situation was further aggravated by a totally chance meeting with a known sex offender IJ - see below - as they moved into one of their houses that adjoined his garden. He soon ingratiated himself with the family, paying for holidays, gifts and hotel accommodation. The offender was subsequently arrested and convicted for Child Abuse and is now serving life imprisonment.


Numerous agencies were involved with the family over the years. Child Protection Review Conferences were held but often the focus was about how to reduce, monitor and treat the mother’s drug and alcohol problems. This was a very difficult case, aggravated by the unwillingness of the mother to heed advice and protect her children, her unwillingness to seek help with drug and alcohol problems and her often aggressive responses to professionals. The needs of the children seemed to diminish into the background. Agencies appeared to act individually rather than working together. There was an absence of Core Group working, to ‘pull things together’ and develop a more strategic view of the whole of the professional contact with, and input into, this family, and of the impact of that involvement. There were numerous missed opportunities for the children to have been removed and placed in care. Instead they suffered further, preventable neglect and abuse.

Key Learning

The highlighted need to adopt a coherent approach to working with neglect has resulted in the development of a multi-agency neglect strategy which is being implemented. Core Group working was a weakness in this case and monitoring training and guidance have addressed this. Steps have been taken to improve attendance at and participation in child protection conferences. The problems in working with difficult and deceptive people was a feature and this has been addressed though training.

Adult IJ and his involvement with 9 children

Reported 09

Key Facts

This case has a convicted sex offender at its centre, his 2 disabled daughters for whom he had sole care, together with 7 other young males, all of whom he groomed and/or sexually abused. IJ was subject to Probation and MAPPA (Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements) supervision during the period when he abused the boys and there was significant, ongoing health and children’s social care involvement relating to the care of his daughters. The trigger for the abuse being uncovered was a paedophile investigation in the USA, which alerted Thames Valley Police. IJ is now serving a life sentence for sexual offences against these boys.


Concerns about the risk posed by IJ in caring for his daughters were sometimes overshadowed by the overwhelming physical needs of the children. In addition IJ’s predatory abuse of boys outside the family went unhindered by lack of information sharing between certain agencies; inconsistent attendance at child protection conferences; over dependence on expert opinions; inadequate recourse to robust consequences when breaches of agreements occurred; and reliance on fixed assessments even in the light of changing circumstances. However, IJ was/is a very intelligent, deceptive, charismatic individual who was able to manipulate a variety of practitioners, parents, and agencies, at times despite evidence to the contrary.

Key Learning

For some whose primary clients are adults, the boundaries between interagency information sharing to safeguard children and confidentiality became blurred – new guidance has been issued. There was a lack of assertive action by MAPPA and poor collaboration between it and the LSCB; information sharing and collaboration issues have now been addressed. Written agreements were used inappropriately in the case which prompted a review and new guidance is being issued.

Oxfordshire Case Reviews

The OSCB has produced a summary document for older Serious Case Reviews (pdf format, 3.82 MB). The summaries include the key facts of the case, a brief analysis of what agencies did and the main learning points for professionals.

Serious Case Review Reports

Children A-F – Overview Report – March 2015
Children A-F – Overview Report Accessible Summary – March 2015
Children A-F – Case Review Summary for Children & Young People – March 2015
Children A-F – OSCB Recommendations – March 2015
Children A-F – OSCB Media Statement – March 2015
Children A-F – Agency Responses since 2011
Children A-F – Opening Statement from Press Conference – March 2015

Child H – Overview Report – 15092014
Child H – Media Statement – 15092014
Child H – OSCB Recommendations – 15092014 

Child N – SCR Overview Report – 07082014
Child N – Statement – 07082014 
Child N – OSCB Recommendations – 07082014 

Child Y – Executive Summary – 07082014 
Child Y – Statement – 07082014 
Child Y – Action Plan

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A couple and their baby escaped unharmed after a rock was dropped on their car as they travelled through Peterborough.
The couple were in their Mini Cooper driving along Brimbles Way, on Saturday (Feb 28), at around 6.35pm when the incident happened.
As they drove under a footbridge a rock dropped onto the car, smashing the windscreen.
Thankfully no one was hurt but it was a terrifying ordeal for the family, who were travelling with their 18-month-old son.
This reckless behaviour could have had much more serious consequences and we would urge anyone who has information about this incident to contact police.
A group of young people were on the footpath at the time of the incident and it is likely they saw who is responsible.
We would ask that anyone in that group who has information contacts police.
Anyone with information should contact police on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on  0800 555 111.

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Monday, March 02, 2015

Crime Report City South ~ 2/3/15

QUEENS WALK, FLETTON – Monday 23rd February afternoon.  Two suspects disturbed by the victim after smashing a window to the rear of the address with a hammer. The suspects were followed towards London Road where they were lost. Hammer left at the scene. 

BELSAY DRIVE, PARK FARM– Tuesday 24th February morning. Entry gained via unlocked door, cash and tobacco were stolen.  A male and a female dressed in black was seen at the address. 
Do you live near and did you see anyone hanging around in the area?


Crime Prevention product of the week.
Glass is always vulnerable , particularly to the rear of a property.  There are products called window shock alarms which when armed detect vibration on the glazing and will sound a loud alarm in an event. These can be purchased online with retailers such as Amazon or locally from Argos and B&Q.



Whilst nothing will stop a determined intruder, these do provide a deterrent factor.

If you want further advice on securing your home, please do visit the Cambridgeshire Constabulary website

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Could be Mayors new car with dual snow and citizen clearing device...

Not only is the gaff prone PCC Officer Simon Machem, the owner of Peterboroughs total snarlup 15 month traffic jam, the few roads that are still in use, will in future have hundreds of parking control orders slapped on them. Clearly the idea is to eliminate the council £30 million plus debt mountain by catching motorists and service vehicles that dare to enter the city limits. Our thanks to the excellent New Listener blog for flagging this up. Another brilliant ruse from the Dear Leader.  Ciao!
If Mr Machem just puts up  No Entry Try Milton Keynes sign the end result will be the same. A deserted City Centre.....

See if your streets are included, the restrictions were slipped through on a council robotic vote!


  Notice is hereby given that The Council of the City of Peterborough (hereinafter referred to as “the Council”) in exercise of its powers under Section 35(1) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 (“the 1984 Act”) and Part IV of Schedule 9 to the 1984 Act as amended by the Road Traffic Act  1991 and of all other enabling powers and after consultation with the Chief Officer of Police in accordance with Schedule 9 Part III of the 1984 Act proposes to make the above order.

  This Amendment Order will amend and make further parking restrictions to the Council of the City of Peterborough (Civil Enforcement Area) (Waiting Restrictions and Street Parking Places) Order 2013 to the extent only as set out below. In all other respects the above Order shall remain in force. It is proposed to amend parking restrictions as shown on the following mapped schedule area code references: Schedule 1 Mapped schedule area reference code Location Plan Reference Number 1.

 AF27 Swallowfield, Werrington SP11-0115-01 2. AJ33/AJ34
Pittneys, Paston SP11-0115-02 3. AG59
Lythemere, Orton Malborne SP11-0115-04 4. AM58
Buntings Lane, Stanground SP11-0115-06 5. AH28
Baron Court, Werrington SP11-0115-10 6. AC19/AD19
High Street, Glinton SP11-0115-07 7. AJ55
Access Road, Woodston SP11-0115-11 8. AC9
Deeping St James Road, Northborough SP11-0115-12 9. V21/W21
 West Street, Helpston SP11-0115-14 10. AL59/AL60/AL61
Kingston Park SP11-0115-15 11. AE43/AF43
Middleton, Bretton SP11-0115-17 12. AH55
Oakleigh Drive, Orton Longueville SP11-0115-20 13. AJ30
Coniston Road, Gunthorpe SP11-0115-21 14. AM39
Barkston Drive, Dogsthorpe SP11-0115-22 15. AF61
Braybrook, Orton Goldhay SP11-0115-24 16. AN40/AN41
Gildenburgh Avenue, Eastfield SP11-0115-26 17. AE38
Eyrescroft, Bretton SP11-0115-27 18. AD11
Street, Northborough SP11-0115-28 19. AJ42/AJ43
Gladstone Street SP11-0115-29 20. AI31
Coniston Road, Gunthorpe SP11-0115-30 21. AL39
Newark Avenue, Dogsthorpe SP11-0115-31 22. AH32
Hadley Road, Walton SP11-0115-32 23. AP46
Padholme Road East, Fengate SP11-0115-33 24. AE46/AE47
Woolgard, Bretton SP11-0115-35 25. AO60
Apollo Avenue, Stanground South SP11-0115-36 26. AC58/AC59
Brimbles Way, Orton Brimbles SP11-0115-37 27. AE24/AE25
Sunnymead, Werrington SP11-0115-39 28. AF43
Middleton, Bretton SP11-0115-41 29. AK45
Cromwell Road SP11-0115-42 30. AM45
Park Lane, Eastfield SP11-0115-43 31. AJ41/AJ42
Bourges Boulevard SP11-0115-44 32. AJ47
Westgate SP11-0115-45 33. AI54
Albany Walk, Woodston SP11-0115-47 34. AK47
Westgate SP11-0115-49 35. AC19
Helpston Road, Glinton SP11-0115-50 36 AK51
Cubitt Way, Woodston SP11-0115-51 37. AF40
Smallwood, Ravensthorpe SP11-0115-52 38. AL41
Kings Gardens SP11-0115-56 39. AE49/AF49
Thorpe Road, Longthorpe SP11-0115-57 40. AN17/AN18
Guntons Road, Newborough SP11-0115-58 41. AE24
Sunnymead, Werrington SP11-0115-59 42. AI36
Churchfield Road,Montagu Road, Walton SP11-0115-60 43. AI43/AI44
Priory Road, West Town SP11-0115-61 44. AJ47
Kent Road, West Town SP11-0115-62 45. AI29
Ambleside Gardens, Gunthorpe SP11-0115-63 46. AP41
Palmers Road, Fengate SP11-0115-66 47. AH42
Saville Road, Westwood SP11-0115-67 48. AL44
Bedford Street, Eastfield SP11-0115-68 49. AJ42
Windmill Street, Millfield SP11-0115-69 50. AL42
All Saints Road SP11-0115-70 51. AI44
Grange Road, West Town SP11-0115-72 52. AK41
Century Square, Millfield SP11-0115-73 53. AF50
Harlech Grange, Longthorpe SP11-0115-74 54. BE26
Sandpit Terrace, Thorney SP11-0115-75 55. AK34
Paynesholm, Paston SP11-0115-76 56. AJ51
Jubilee Street, Woodston SP11-0115-78 57. AM46
Star Road, Eastgate SP11-0115-79 58. AI45
Moorfield Road, West Town SP11-0115-80 59. AK52/AK53/AL53
Fletton Avenue, Fletton SP11-0115-81 60. AH53
Botolph Green/Farriers Court, Orton Longueville SP11-0115-82 61. AH58
Toftland, Orton Malborne SP11-0115-83 62. AM43/AM44
Eastfield Road, Eastfield SP11-0115-84 63. AG59
Herlington, Orton Malborne SP11-0115-85 64. AP46
Fourth Drove, Fengate SP11-0115-86 65. AC54/AC55/AC56/AD56
Lane, Orton Waterville SP11-0115-87 66. AE42/AF42
School Close, Bretton SP11-0115-88 67. AJ47
Midland Road, West Town SP11-0115-89 68. AF63/AG63/AG64
Hargate Way, Hampton Hargate SP11-0115-90

The detailed plans indicating the new restrictions may be seen together with a Statement of the Council’s Reasons for proposing to make The Council of The City of Peterborough (Civil Enforcement Area) (Waiting Restrictions and Street Parking Places) Amendment No.11 Order 2015 together with relevant mapped schedule extracts at the Central Library, Broadway, Peterborough and Bayard Place, Cattlemarket Road during normal opening hours.

  If you have any objections to the proposed Order they must be submitted in writing to the undersigned by the 31 March 2015 clearly stating your reasons for objecting.

Simon Machen [!!!!!] Director of Growth and Regeneration
Peterborough City Council
Dodson House Fengate Peterborough PE1 5XG

  Dated this 26th day of February 2015


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From time to time we support the pioneering Hornets Nest blog in Kensington & Chelsea which performs a like function to our own Peterborough Tribune Blog. They tipped us off over the secret Conservatives Marco Cereste plot to import literally train loads of Kensington social housing tenants into our City so the vacated Kensington properties could be gentrified and sold on for millions.......

It seems to be happening again, could train loads of Kensington social housing rejects be boarding trains shortly after the elections in May? We urgently need a full statement from Mr Cereste, who still blocks us on Twitter! Ciao!  BE ON YOUR GUARD PEOPLE. CONFRONT CERESTE ON THE DOORSTEP. WHAT IS THE TRUTH?

From the Hornets Nest

Posted: 01 Mar 2015 03:16 PM PST
A large group of residents campaigning to save Sutton Estate, Chelsea, were meeting with Edddie Izzard and various journalists, including the Guardian, when they were rudely interrupted by Affinity Sutton's spin-mistress, Lisa Louis and Chelsea Resident Liason Office, Natalie Down. 

This scary duo told the journo's that they were to speak to residents keen on the demolition of their homes. 
The Guardian agreed, but found that AF had only managed to dragoon two!
Things got heated when residents confronted the spin-mistress about figures produced in a AF public consultation.
She then admitted there were, " errors and plans had not been finalised" 

And that's when it all started to get unpleasant. 
Lisa Louis approached a resident who had been interviewed by the journalist on camera in their property, and threatened, "You know you need permission to film in your flat." Unfortunately for  Ms. Louis, her threat was overheard by a journalist; when she realised this, she said that she was just joking. 
Other residents, who were in support of the Save the Sutton Campaign, had seen what was going on and were scared off by her threat.
Keith Exford's Affinity Sutton is a multi-billion pound charity, with huge resources and PR companies to get their message across, and yet, in order to push their agenda through, they found it necessary to start threatening residents. 
This is not the behaviour of a charity:this is the behaviour of thugs and gangsters.

Keith Exford, as Group Chief Executive of the charity Affinity Sutton if you have any integrity give the accurate figures for the public consultation, and stop the intimidation now. ​
Posted: 01 Mar 2015 09:49 AM PST
The Dame hears Cllr Victoria Borwick had rather a good interview on Andrew Neil's BBC Sunday Politics.

You can see the interview  HERE
Posted: 01 Mar 2015 03:17 PM PST

The Dame has just received this extraordinary message from the organisers of Sutton Estate.

"Thanks you for signing our petition. 
Currently, online, it stands at -8000 and growing rapidly - with over 600 hard copies signed by at least 385 Sutton Estate residents."

This is a message RBK&C councillors ignore at their peril

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Sunday, March 01, 2015

Maybe Uganda has the lack of buses problem licked, with 25,000 Taxis on the road, unlike Peterborough?

A passenger pays the fare.
Many passengers find that the charges increase,
at peak hours, on rainy days
and during festive seasons.


Marco Cereste having slashed supported Peterborough bus services so much so, that Peterborough  City Centre is deserted on weekdays after 6pm. Might like to take a leaf out of Uganda, East Africas book, where the taxi is the major form of transport with some 25,000 plying for hire... This is from todays SUNDAY MONITOR. It's only a matter of time, could well happen here.. or already has.. as Uganda is now full of Chinese advisors... working along the same lines, Marco has agreed with the Peoples Republic...

"Those who use the taxi as their only means of transport are left at the mercy of taxi operators who arbitrary fluctuate the fares as and when they wish. Nansubuga is one of the thousands who use public transport means on a daily basis amid the lack of a regulation, a situation that has led to exploitation of passengers in Kampala Uganda where 25,000 taxis are in active operation, according to John Ndyomugyeni, the national chairman Uganda Taxi Operators and Drivers Association (Utoda) ..... 

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Its all change on East Coast, as the new private sector train operator running through Peterborough starts today Sunday March 1st 2015, this is a collaboration between Virgin and Stagecoach. Expect three trains to all come at once...

Still if we need rail replacement buses, they can now keep it in the family as it were. Clearly new staff being recruited....

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Take a FIRE BUCKET when visiting Peterborough City Hospital


Next time you visit the four year old Peterborough City Hospital, might be a good idea to take a couple of sand buckets in with you, load a few more on visiting Ambulances and distribute them round the investment banking community. We as a community are not only involved in a 'fire sale' but also the possibility of a real fire peril!  Parts of the 'state of the art' complex Peterborough City Hospital is now locked and closed, as the Trust claims some of the ceiling voids have been declared 'fire traps' and not up to specification. For once PCCs disaster magnet Simon Machin isn't involved.
The situation is so serious, the cash strapped Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals NHS Foundation has withheld £1,441,496.04, which is roughly a third of the regular PFI Private Finance Initiative payment of £3,847,878.22 due at the end of January. Clearly any withholding of a regular contractual instalment has a huge knock on effect, for the whole City of Peterborough not just the NHS.
Its safe to assume several offshore fat cat investment bankers and their clients may now dump or reduce the 'Guaranteed Secure Bond' to 'junk' status, which of course, then has a knock on effect in City investment terms, as the word 'Peterborough' is then associated with default until the year 2042!!!!!.
The smart move would (admittedly with hindsight) have been to robustly raise and resolve the issues privately, long before it needs to be formally  reported as a default to the worlds financial community.  
The news trickled out through the London Stock Exchange Regulatory News Service. The Dear Leader Marco Cereste was involved with the NHS during the period so we can probably add this to his ever growing calamity list. As Marco has blocked the PBROTRIB from his twitter account, we've helpfully reprinted the notice as issued by RNS, just in case the Tories dispute the facts. 
 Working on the City maxim OPM (Other Peoples Money - never risk your own) the investment bankers behind the clearly misnamed  Peterborough (Progress Health) PLC are looking for an eyewatering £446 million payday:
£446,115,000, 5.58 per cent. Guaranteed Secured Bonds due 2042
(including up to £50,000,000 Variation Bonds) unconditionally and irrevocably guaranteed as to scheduled payments of principal and interest pursuant to a bond financial guarantee issued by FGIC UK Limited (the "Bonds")
(ISIN XS0308856276)
Receipt of Payment Deduction Notice
Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (the "Trust") withheld £1,441,496.04 from the service payment of £3,847,878.22 which was due for payment to the Issuer in January 2015. 
The Trust has asserted that the amount withheld was determined on the basis that the whole of the Trust's site was, for the purposes of the applicable contractual documentation unavailable for part of the payment period ending on 30 November 2014.
The Trust has further asserted that the amount withheld takes into account the fact that the site continued to be used by the Trust during the relevant period.
The Trust's assertion that on 30 January 2015, the Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals NHS Foundation at the site was unavailable during the relevant period is based on certain alleged issues which have been identified as a result of surveys which have been undertaken at the Peterborough City Hospital on behalf of the Trust in respect of the Hospital's fire compartmentation. 
The Issuer does not accept that the site was unavailable during the relevant period, but is investigating these alleged issues, with the support of its subcontractors, as a matter of urgency. 
The Trust has also confirmed that it intends to withhold amounts from future service payments until remedial works have been completed and the alleged unavailability has been rectified. 
The Issuer and the Trust are currently in discussion regarding a stand-still arrangement to enable the Issuer to continue to fulfil its financial obligations while the alleged issues are investigated and, where necessary, dealt with.  
A further update on these discussions will be made in due course.
The Issuer is taking legal advice with respect to the matters mentioned in this announcement and reserves its position.  
In the meantime, however, holders of the Bonds should be aware that the circumstances which led to the Trust withholding part of the service payment which was due for payment in January and the risk that the Trust may withhold further amounts from future service payments may have a material impact on the ability of the Issuer to comply with its obligations to make future scheduled payments of principal and interest on the Bonds.
In order to service its debt obligations under the Bonds, the Issuer may, subject to certain conditions being satisfied, utilise cash standing to the credit of one or more of the reserve bank accounts created for that purpose under the applicable contractual documentation, in addition to making a drawdown under the Liquidity Facility Agreement. 
The Issuer
Peterborough (Progress Health) PLC
8 White Oak Square
Attention: Matt Rollings
The Principal Paying Agent
Bank of America, N.A.
3rd Floor, 2 King Edward Street
Attention: Daniel Trivic
Important information
This announcement is not a prospectus, is distributed for information purposes only and does not constitute or form part of any offer or invitation to issue, acquire or dispose of any securities in any jurisdiction. Nothing in this document is intended to amount to an invitation or inducement to engage in investment activity. Nothing in this document amounts to the giving of advice. If you are in any doubt as to the action you should take, you should consult a professional adviser.

This information is provided by RNS
The company news service from the London Stock Exchange

E&OE All Enquiries 01733 345581 BROADCAST ISDN DIRECT COOBE LINK: 01733 345020 [G722 Codec] . > PETERBOROUGH TRIB NEWSREEL .

Friday, February 27, 2015

R v Paul Gadd [GARRY GLITTER] Sentencing Remarks of HHJ Alistair McCreath

R v Paul Gadd
Sentencing Remarks of HHJ Alistair McCreath 
Southwark Crown Court 
27th February 2015
1. Approach

1.1 The offences for which I must pass sentence today took place many years ago at a time when, in particular in respect of one of them, the maximum sentence was considerably lower than that which is now available and at a time when the sentencing climate was less severe than it now is.

1.2 There is clear guidance as to how I should approach this task, set out in Annex B to the Sexual Offences Definitive Guideline.

Thursday, February 26, 2015




Peterborough February 20th 2015: We are sadly hearing that another potentially serious paedophile scandal surrounding the Labour Party in Peterborough is rapidly unfolding.  This time its centred on a City wide sexual offences investigation.  The current target is Kevin Bell, one time vice-chair of Welland Residents Association, founder of the Peterborough City Council funded and promoted Peterborough Neighbourhood Champions and Mr Bell is also associated with the Dogsthorpe Panel.  

Kevin Bell has in the last few days, been arrested by Police, bailed and will appear in Court in May to answer charges related to paedophile activities involving a minor.

Lisa Forbes tweets: A great evening with and Michael at Mai Thai in


The latest on the jailed paedophile Peterborough Labour Party Agent Andrew Palmer :

A correspondent  (we've protected the identity) from inside the Peterborough Labour Party writes:

This is damning evidence of Andrew Palmers infiltration of society .You will also note he has full access to all voters details on Contact Creator . This is more than the electoral register .

Police Concern For Missing Man ~Andrew Indge (42)

Can you help find missing Andrew?
UPDATE: 27/2/15 Andrew has been found safe and well.

We are asking for the public’s help in finding Andrew Indge who has gone missing.
He was last seen at about 8am today driving a white Toyota Starlet on Thorpe way, Cambridge, heading towards the A14.
Andrew is 42-years-old, 5’ 9”, described as being of large build, with short dark brown curly hair. He has a short beard; tattoos on his right forearm: the letters ‘G&D’; and the letters 'crai' on his left arm.
He was last seen wearing a blue crew-necked long-sleeve sweatshirt; navy blue jeans; a grey T-shirt; blue/black trainers and has a black fleece coat with him.
Andrew is also known to have links to Woburn, Bedfordshire.
Sergeant John Millward said: "We are keen to trace Andrew and I urge anyone who has seen him or has knowledge of his whereabouts to contact police on 101.”
E&OE All Enquiries 01733 345581 BROADCAST ISDN DIRECT COOBE LINK: 01733 345020 [G722 Codec] . > PETERBOROUGH TRIB NEWSREEL .

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Time to add several of these, to either side of Bourges Boulevard
.. pointing inwards
then we can all be really peed on or off! 

How long has he known this? If you are at the Civic Awards bun fight tonight here is a little wet joke you might like to try on the Dear Leader. Marco how do you cure water on the brain? A Tap on the head! Geddit? Hilarious! NO?

Then try this.....a real rib tickler... The Dear Leader Marco Cereste has just announced the Cereste Memorial Bourges Boulevard Euro funded tart up and 7-days-a-week traffic jam snarl up disaster, is likely to last well beyond the May elections possibly into June and July... Not so funny eh?  

Police Looking For Role Play Volunteers

Are you a budding actor? Or have you got training experience?
We are looking for volunteers who want to support the force in officer training through role play and feedback.
Volunteers will play the role of witnesses, victims or offenders in a variety of situations and take part in the feedback process to student officers.
Vacancy Title: VOL/23/14/B Volunteer Role Player. Location: Alconbury. Closing Date: 10/03/2015 23:55


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Police Concern re Ramsey Man ~ Philip Ruane (49)

Update: 25/2/15 Philips has been found.

Can you help us find missing Philip?
Philip Ruane, 49, of The Malting, Ramsey, Cambridgeshire, was reported missing last night (February 23) at about 11.30pm but has not been seen since he left his parent’s home in St Helens, Merseyside, at about 9.20am the same day.
Philip had been to visit family for the weekend in St Helens and was due to return to his home in Ramsey yesterday afternoon. 
Officers are concerned about his state of mind and would like to trace him as soon as possible.
He is described as white British, 5’10”, medium build with cropped shaven grey hair, stubble, he has blue eyes and wears glasses.

We believe he may be in Scotland after his red Citroen Picasso triggered an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) camera in the Dumfries and Galloway area in the early hours of this morning, along with his mobile phone being used in Thurso, north Scotland.
We are becoming increasingly concerned for Philip's welfare and would urge anyone who has seen him or has knowledge of his whereabouts to contact police on 101.
E&OE All Enquiries 01733 345581 BROADCAST ISDN DIRECT COOBE LINK: 01733 345020 [G722 Codec] . > PETERBOROUGH TRIB NEWSREEL .

Police Search For Missing Willingham Woman ~ Nicole Corby

Update: 25/2/15 Nicole has been found.

Can you help find missing Nicole?
We are asking for the public’s help in finding Nicole Corby who has gone missing.
Nicole, 43, of Thodays Close, Willingham, Cambridgeshire, has not been seen since 6.30am yesterday (February 23).
Officers are concerned for Nicole’s welfare and would like to trace her as soon as possible.
Nicole is described as white British, with blonde bobbed hair
Police believe Nicole may be in Norwich after her car, a blue Nissan Micra, triggered an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) camera in the area earlier today.
Detective Inspector Garry Webb said: "We are keen to trace Nicole and I urge anyone who has seen her or has knowledge of her whereabouts to contact police on 101, quoting incident number 217 of February 23.”

E&OE All Enquiries 01733 345581 BROADCAST ISDN DIRECT COOBE LINK: 01733 345020 [G722 Codec] . > PETERBOROUGH TRIB NEWSREEL .


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Madeleine McCann : DO YOU RECOGNISE THIS MAN? Used Hyperdermic Needles: Misleading and dangero... Please, no second series .... unless it's Bridge S... Biomass Gong from Peterborough City Council has b... Marcos Bus Service: Queensgate to Park Ward (Gart... CONVICTED BROADWAY THEATRE CROOK TO APPEAR BEFORE... Citizen Smith, the RSA, plus a deep and nuanced un... FIONA RADIC: Peterborough Council Leader would lik... Was ex Haringey now Peterborough Childrens Service... Southern Sector Police Round Up Cycle Lane bid for 'busy' Bridge Street runs into ... Peterborough Arsonist Jailed Eeeeee-Borders! Important Advice for Terrorists, D... Chris Grayling scraps early release for child rape... FIREWORKS CUT OUT AND KEEP SAFETY GUIDE Happy 40th Birthday to LBC London Broadcasting Com... Government reshuffle PDF link to full list Police appeal for witnesses, pedestrian injured in... A 'middle-aged' hospital worker has been arrested ... BRIDGE STREET - FIT FOR BIKERS? ONLINE PETITION N... 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Its not a 'Bedroom Tax' Bedroom, it's a garden too... CERESTE PULLS THE PLUG ON OAP's SENIOR STOP CITY C... SAWTRY DIGGER PLANT THEFT: Caterpillar, model 311... FIREFIGHTERS ON STRIKE THIS AFTERNOON RED ED: the bones of his speech and a couple of id... Jailed prolific burglar 'coughs' to five further r... JUST IMAGINE SIXTY MARCO CERESTES? GOVERNMENT QUA... E-COPS: RISE IN PICK POCKETS IN THE PETERBOROUGH ... Teams of local experts to advise towns how they ca... Peterborough City Centre Public Realm: Over 10 Dr... Cllr Irene Walsh, the paperwork backs the... E-COPS ALERT PETERBOROUGH - SOUTH WISBECH : FATAL MINI MOTO CRASH INTO METAL RAILING... Musical chairs in the PCC executive suites What the Foggia! "Cucina Povera" - The Italian Fes... The Chair of Tower Hamlets Safeguarding Children B... SECTION 222 POLICE BID TO CURB PETERBOROUGH CENTRA... COURT: Orton Goldhay man, Winston Findley, a car d... Contract 'stitch up' lands PCC with possibly 20 ye... 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OVER 29,000 VISITORS TO THE 36TH CAMRA PETERBOROUG... TWO police commissioners in election probe ... Cllr Shearmans City Roundup.... Get a grip Mr Cereste ... Now the PCC is publicly ... PETERBOROUGH BEER FESTIVAL 2013: FINAL DAY UPDATE... UK Press Gazette: GOVERNMENT SET TO PROTECT RIGHTS... HOW DID YOUR GCSE's GO? Asks Richard Branson ... RIVER CAM GIVES UP GEMS HAUL Peterborough City Council opts for monopolistic St... MEIN GOTT! The German Sausage tent has changed col... PETERBOROUGH TELEGRAPH DUPED IN NEW BROADWAY THEAT... 100 travellers caravans converge on Peterborough a... CARDEA developer PERSIMMON HOMES 'reservations' NA... Silly Summer: Climbing trees can be fun...but not ... STANDARD EXCLUSIVE: higher energy bills ahead for ... The Return of the Naughty Step 2013 Award: CLLR P... CERESTE MEMORIAL FOUNTAINS DAMP SQUIB....broken d... Woopee! Marco Cereste handing out £30 million roa... FREEDOM OF INFORMATION REQUEST – FOI-13-0503 £300,000 Dubai registered supercar seized by Met P... CARON POTTER: NURSE 'LIED TO BOSSES' AFTER DRUG ER... Women who fear being forced to marry abroad told t... Is Broadway Theatre Peterborough / Bill Kenwright ... March parents jailed for multiple acts of extreme ... Peterborough Firefighters! Get your coats - you're... Rinaldo Fasulu flogs off former 'Peterborough Pris... Possible green shoots? Merger and Acquisition acti... Peterborough rail fares mid winter hike - between ... TEN ACRE FIELD FIRE: PUBLIC WARNED TO STAY INSIDE... Peterborough Newsagent robbed at knifepoint When is Judicial Review Available as a Remedy in R... Railway passenger personal property theft up by 16... BREAKING NEWS: UKIP CAMBRIDGESHIRE CANDIDATE TO BE... Peterborough City Council: Pop goes the Weasel a... Great Shelford: 'FAKE SWEENEY' steals 95-year-old ... MISSING PERSON Michaella Mccollum Connolly: Possi... FREE PUSH BIKE SECURITY MARKING 12TH APRIL STANGR... BBC Cambridgeshire answers our blog.... Cllr. Turnip Money troubles and heatshrink post s... DAWN FIRE BUG TORCHES LAWSON AVENUE BIN - APPEAL F... OH Dear Those Peterborough City City electric car ... Electrical equipment fire wipes out popular Hartfo... GUNBOATS WOGSA AHOY! Farewell BBC Peterborough, it was fun hearing you.... RalCare future looking bleak says RMT's Bob Crow Peterborough Trio due to appear in court accused o... ED MILIBAND 'MACHINE POLITICS' BIG FAIL- ALIVE A... LEGENDARY FORMER 'PIRATE RADIO VERONICA' SHIP RETU... The Earl of Dartmouth suggests we send a frigate t... Could Peterborough lose its only weekly newspaper?... Sponsored Italian Festival survives PCC financial ... Peterborough Community Leadership Funding FoI Req... CERESTE: BONKERS 24/7 BLANKET BRIDGE STREET BIKE B... BASIC BANK ACCOUNTS FOR ALL & PAYDAY LOAN 'SHARK... Save a LIDO! SERCO hit by 100% strike call Brutal Murder and Torture of Daniel Pelka: Senten... Haystacks / Strawstacks Appeal... YAXLEY: PAUL GILDER,65, jailed for 32 months for s... 4 YEAR OLD DANIEL PELKA MURDER: MAGDELENA LUCZAK ... Grey Persian Style Cat gone missing from Stangroun... Hampton Vale, Eagle Way Flat Fire alleged to be d... PETERBOROUGH CAT RESCUE TOMBOLA SATURDAY 3RD AUGUS... OWN GOAL: Posh 45 - Peterborough Housebound 4 ... TRIB TALKINGPOINT: Remember CLF Community Leaders ... Cambridgeshire and Peterborough clinical commissio... On the {Link} Buses ....Peterborough expects ....b... Olympic Legacy. Huge redundancy and pension pot p... Is Peterborough now cloning and exporting shovel r... Is this a step too far? 'Offensive' billboards lau... BLACK OCTOBER>>> After link buses, now the BBC pu... A cash tin containing more than £21,000 of cash an... Why Mark Speed, Planning Transport & Infrastructur... Sloppy dog escorts Councillor Murphy from Peterbor... ROYAL PRINCE NAMED: GEORGE ALEXANDER LOUIS NO LINK BUSES: NO £1 MILLION PLUS CERESTE MEMORIA... TWO YEARS LINK BUS CONTRACT MONEY EARMARKED TO PAY... FoI 13-0515 23rd July 2013 Disabled Blue Badge Ca... Multiple thunderstorms and lightning strikes start... 3 am Tuesday Lightning strikes Boxworth house and... #ROYALBABYBOY ITS A BOY! BORN at 4:42pm 'SECRET' meeting called with Peterborough Age UK, ... JUDGE RULES: Councils can't use parking to raise r... Cambscops offering security marking for your bike Peach to speak at tomorrows Call In, although the ... PETERBOROUGH BUS CUTS CALL IN: 'GOOD SAMARITAN' CL... #royalbirth 5:30 am KATE DUCHESS OF CAMBRIDGE ADMI... Purrfect ending to the week... Goodnight Campers, soak your teeth in Jeyes's ....... SUNDAY 12:30AM: Eight passengers suffered minor i... A double helping of GAAR with your cash deposits a... Why I won't be swimming in the River Cam or the N... FROM TODAY, FIND OUT WHERE ALL THE COUNCIL PUBLIC ... REPORT: Cambs Cops facing up well to finance chall... CERESTE IN A PADDY TO GET POSH SIGNED BEFORE SUMME... LINK BUS CONTRACT CALL IN: CALL IN COUNCILLORS 'G... Peterborough bike 'prolific' thief coughs to burgl... Police officers from Romania, Lithuania and Poland... RAF Wittering parades through the City of Peterbor... Twonking Turnips! Who's been hacked..... The NHS cracking up before our very eyes... Police Taser Use and Training - Simon Chesterman... Govt. rushing through residents powers to veto 'Ce... WHY THE BENEFIT CAP WILL NOT WORK - The New States... Willow wows 'em! Peterborough Free Willow Festiva... Durham Miners Gala Create 'a new party of labour' ... DEATH of Peterborough City Council link bus servic... PETERBOROUGH HOSTEL RAPIST JAILED FOR 5 1/2 YEAR... ModelZone fails to find a buyer says Administrator... Alan Whicker dies .... Peterborough United announce Squad Numbers and pla... The first 100 days of the Bedroom Tax. It has to g... PETERBOROUGH FREE ENTRY Willow Festival 12-13-14 J... FoI THE NON WORKING CERESTE FOUNTAINS SAGA....C... SERCO to be investigated, as G4S referred to SERIO... MPs' Salary, Expenses and John Lewis branded Troug... Cambs Police Una Crown Video Appeal Peterborough City Council busboys bicker and lose ... Miliband NOT to investigate Lisa Forbes selection ... After 'The Iron Lady' we present 'Crumpled Male MP... Ed Miliband MP Newham Speech - Check against Deli... THE TRUTH ABOUT PETERBOROUGH CENTRAL LABOUR PARTY ... Peterborough City Councillors tackle old age with... Andy Murray Wimbledon Champion on the hottest day ... THE CURSE OF BRIDGE STREET STRIKES AGAIN - MODELZO... Cambs Summer Drink Drive Campaign & Drunkline 0800... NO MAIL TODAY PE1 PE3 PE4 PE5 Royal Mail sorters a... Tom Watson resigns as Labour General Election Co-o... MELTDOWN : TOM WATSON MP RESIGNS, UNITE UNION in ... Madeleine McCann - Latest Update and Picture as M... How do we tackle institutional abuse of minors? Peterborough man, 57, jailed 17 1/2 years for atte... UNITE and Lisa Forbes, what the hell is going on ?... 75th anniversary celebrations for Mallard: the fas... Introducing HVP & HDP [ High Visibility Policing a... WARM WEATHER? OPEN WINDOW? OPPORTUNIST BURGLARS TH... As another snakelike queue surrounds Peterboroughs... Final line up announced for The Rays of Sunshine C... The Times says MPs like Stewart Jackson of #mpsexp... WAVING GOODBYE TO 'LOCAL LINK' AS COUNCIL CASH CUT... MP's who froze public sector pay want £10,000 pay ... CROATIA JOINS THE EU! Next stop Peterborough?June 2013(66)Police Neighbourhood Panel Meetings on July 2nd ...PETERBOROUGH ENTERPRISE BINMEN OPEN INTERNET REPOR...House Prices Keep Rising says Daily Express Proper...THOMAS COOKs Chief Executive Harriet Green:" I wa...The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) launches ...NEW HMRC SCAM EMAIL DOING THE ROUNDS!TURNIP helps mash an independent line in complaint...ITS NO 'FRACKING' GOOD TO PETERBOROUGH!Cllr John Holdich, 68, appointed deputy leader to ...Opportunity Peterborough still hanging on p...PUBLICS RIGHT TO VIDEO / RECORD COUNCIL MEETINGS S...Eric Pickles sets out Council Bailiff tough rules ...Private landlords, disability discrimination & man...George Osborne - Spending Round Full Speech and li...PRIVATE EYE PRESENTS: Marco Cereste, driving down ...THE PETERBOROUGH TUB THUMPING PLANTERS MASSING FOR...RMT releases new research: Britain's main private ...TODAY STAVANGER, TOMORROW PETERBOROUGH?RMT's Bob Crow says: "Cameron says any State can ...TRIBtalk: 1: Is local government innovation an e...Britain's police forces could save £1bn-a-year by ...Solar Parks...Is this behind the real deal?Traffic Wardens get all charged up...Internet Stalker JailedTHE LONGEST DAY: PICKLES SAYS CUT YOUR COUNCIL SPE...Cambridgeshire Police & Crime Panel Annual Meeting...PETERBOROUGH ISN'T WORKING MAGISTRATES COURT OVERL...First of three sites earmarked for Peterboroughs ...Why Conservative Party Agent and Cabinet member fo...Michael Gove: Removing Rigour from the Education S...Police interview Lord Rennard under caution over s...Blanket use of CCTV surveillance in pubs has ended...Government publishes New rights for journalists an...Birthday Honours List: Deputy Chief Constable Camb...New council officer Sue Westcott already alleged t...CERESTE MEGA SOLAR PARK PLANS TO BE CALLED IN BY E...Peterborough: Stanground Co-Op Armed Robbery : C...Of Cats, Godmothers,Tiaras and Hon. Supreme Comman...RBS CEO STEPHEN HESTER EASED OUT' .... MEANWHILE C...Lord Rennards Peterborough 'alleged sexual miscond...Directly Operated Railways [DOR] in emergency mov...TWITTER: BARF BARF TURNIPS HEAD EXPLODES YET AGAI...TRIB EXCLUSIVE: PCC SOLICITOR HELEN EDWARDS QUIT...Is the Vice Chair of the PCC Planning Committee le...RAIL UNION RMT warned today of a new drive to 'sma...IT'S SUMMER - Don't Drink & Drive! County-wide cra...THREE PETERBOROUGH YOBS HUNTED FOR JUMPING ON CAR...Cllr Walsh 'handbags' some new PCC allowances...Yeo Yeo to Go Go! Marco Cereste and the final blow...Beware mobile roaming HUGE charges outside EUCLUB LAND 'LEGAL HIGHS' 'NBOMe' and 'Benzofury' to...' CERESTE MEMORIAL ' PETERBOROUGH MEGA SOLAR & WIN...Convicted Peterborough Tory Councillor Peter Hille...Cerestes Solar Brief, Celebs. and a windy Barrista...Enhanced Disclosure in Junior Football and Sport ...Fire Service Issues: Video ResponseThe PCC Money Tree, we shake out the top officer s...KENSINGTON TOFFS INFLUX: Paul Philipson squirms on...WALK AWAY TRAIN OPERATOR NATIONAL EXPRESS CLEARED ...JUST FANCY THAT! FOI COUNCILLORS UNSPENT CONVICTIO...Marco Cereste clearly needs a sign from above as a...Flying Scotsman under threat. York National Rail ...New analysis says Government target missed as A&E ...Kensington & Chelsea Social Housing Influx for Pet...A man caught smuggling drugs into HMP Whitemoor j...CERESTE ROLLS OVER, AND RE-ADMITS 'CONVICTED CRIMI...May 2013(65)April 2013(59)March 2013(57)February 2013(52)January 2013(60)




THE HIGH COURT has ruled....

People have a right to lampoon and criticise politicians and public officials under the Human Rights Act, the High Court has ruled.
We have the full High Court judgment, saved as a page on here, which should save Cllr. Turnip (who we honestly and truly believe to be a serially useless local politician), a bob or two.

Cllr Turnip (so dubbed this as he spent an astonishing £1,800:00 of Community Leaders Funding - designed for the good of the whole ward - on "raised vegetable beds for infants" at a very well funded local authority school, together with some other additional funding from the CLF to the same school, Cllr Harper is one of just 3 Governors - they should have 7 )

We also note that www. park reappears as a website for Cllr Christopher Harper from time to time directing people to his Tory party webpage. When it was originally paid for by the Neighbourhood Watch, and he gave a clear undertaking to the PCC Solicitor and Marco Cereste Leader of Council, that he would take it down. Do not be taken in by Cllr Christopher Harper, or the certificates he displays. Simply there is no Park Farm Organisation.

lampoon (lampoon) Pronunciation: /lamˈpuːn/ verb [with object] publicly criticize (someone or something) by using ridicule, irony, or sarcasm: the actor was lampooned by the press noun a speech or text lampooning someone or something: the magazine fired at God, Royalty, and politicians, using cartoons and lampoons.

Derivatives: lampooner noun lampoonery noun lampoonist noun Origin: mid 17th century: from French lampon, said to be from lampons 'let us drink' (used as a refrain), from lamper 'gulp down', nasalized form of laper 'to lap (liquid).


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Editorial policy: WE DON'T CENSOR NEWS, we will however come down hard on lawbreakers, all forms of ASB - Anti Social Behaviour, and anyone or group who seek to disturb or disrupt our neighbourhoods and communities, or in anyway abuse or disadvantage our citizens.

We are openly but constructively critical of all political parties (actual and sham), pressure groups, overbearing 'jobsworths' and those who seek to waste public funds, abuse public office, ramp up expenses, BUY VOTES and/or engage in any form of directed or robotic voting.

Whilst accepting that many in Pubic Office perform a valuable service and make a worthwhile contribution, there are countless others who are frankly rubbish. We maintain a special watching brief for seriously useless, backsliding officialdom, politicians and councillors, especially those who cannot be bothered to attend important core meetings. We consider all representations and correct any facts that are clearly deficient.

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