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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Stopping mindless acts in Park Farm.... a possible way forward

Cllr Turnip in spidery writing:

Slide ripped off muga (????) in children’s play park

 Peterborough Tribune
Mindless Vandalism

"This mindless criminal act was carried out today. Surely someone saw who did it? I’ve reported it as the area was designated by residents as a priority for the police while schools were out due to the rising evidence of alcohol misuse found during recent litter picks. If you have any information please call the police on 101 or let me know in confidence. Some good news…I’ve had one name suggested already so have passed it on to the police.

Latest - Thank you, I now have two names which I will pass on to the police. There are more than two involved including at least two girls so please let me know if you know who they are.


It really is a bit rich for Cllr Turnip CON Stanground East  (faced with his Ward being swallowed up next May) to bang on about mindless vandalism, and at the same time if you consider his sorry public record over the last five years. Some may say that's political mindless vandalism, but who are we to judge?  (Still waiting for the spring and summer planting, and the seats - removed and refurbed from Bridge Street to be installed along the Green Wheel. Deposed Cereste seemingly snaffled them folks for his former ward!)

Certainly wrecking the Harper Memorial Playground,  (known locally as HMP) is not to be encouraged, heaven knows a small fortune in terms of much needed public money has been poured into the Turnip Golden Triangle over the last five years, a fabled area bounded by the councillors house, the pillar box, and the primary school. The rest of our community budget found its way via Cllr Turnip, over to the Dogsthorpe Spa Pool, just as local supported bus services in Stanground were chopped and meals on wheels services curtailed..

Precious little has been spent over the years on the rest of the Ward. You cannot even read half the street signs, they are so tatty. (since this blog - not Cllr Turnip - first raised the issue of street signs with the repainting of Park Farm Way - ages ago- some new or refurbed street signage is starting to appear. Keep it up lads!). Its best to report anything like this on  as they automatically follow up complaints with a series of emails and public postings. You'll also find a map pinpointing any complaints/postings also the follow up.

We also don't want to see the return of any form of street patrols or other ideas foisted on the community in the past, by Cllr Turnip, or the promotion of vigilantism. He still somewhere has a pile of high viz jackets and baseball caps with STREET PATROL painted on.... 

Vans, caravans and cars park blocking pathways, scramble bikes on the Green wheel footpath, but unless the Police have the evidence nothing gets done. So do something Councillor, stop blaming other people, the answer is much closer to home. Walk around your playground late evenings, at a time when children should be safely tucked up in bed. Why on earth would anyone be in the playground. that time of night?

Airgun pellet, shot fired at a front door Park Farm,

We've reported drug dealers, crack houses on his patch, and countless dumped pets, kittens ( all taken into Anna our brilliant Vet at Oakdale Vets ) meanwhile Cllr Turnip postures and rants.....

If anyone has information, the right place is securely in the hands of police, dial 101, and not I suggest in the hands of a soon to be outgoing local councillor (one lives in hope....).  Over the years Cllr Turnip has shovelled community public funding into his pet projects one of them being the playground, the second the pillar box bollards and a metre square of black topping. Nearly £1,000 wasted on that.  Every time the playground is vandalised, more community funding is poured in, rather than arrange for local parents and children to keep an eye on it.

Work together Comrades...

We would also suggest Cllr Turnip makes a few extra trips around his ward, not just the token pre election litter pick, as he is still on very generous publicly funded allowances (and Mrs Turnip possibly had a few civic frocks out of it last year). Say at least five a week. He has plenty of time on his hands, as he gave up on regular councillor surgeries years ago, which to any right thinking person is the core duty of a local councillor.

The councillor seems to think that although the playground was agreed as a Police Panel Priority, the police still need matters to be formally reported by residents, evidence to be supplied and residents to agree to provide witness statements.  The original idea was a public/police partnership.  Over the years, this community mainly though the Peterborough Tribune and our Home Office approved Park Farm Neighbourhood Watch digital scheme has lodged a countless number of pictures and videos and secured prosecutions. Cllr Turnip for some reason forgets his Conservative Party slashed the police budget, Cambs Cops laid off highly experienced officers and support staff.  So instead of sounding off at all and sundry, get to know all your ward Councillor before it sinks under an anaerobic sewage digesting plant and the all too frequent acrid possibly carcinogenic smoke and bilge  emitting from the McCains chip factory. As a councillor, we think he is as useful as a chocolate fireguard. But he knows that already. Time to move on...

E&OE Tel:+44 (0) 1733 345581 ISDN COOBE LINK: +44 (0) 1733 345020 IPHONE 0743 303 145 > PETERBOROUGH TRIB NEWSREEL .

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

FOX has tail pulled by Lincolnshire but has Peterboroughs PCC 'Blue Sky' moneypit in his sights

Serial seemingly 'too good to be true' OPM** digital business promotor Nik FOX has now been sent packing by Lincolnshire Council, but apparently still has Peterborough City Council in his sights.

You'll recall that Mr Fox threatened all kinds of spurious legal action against a Peterborough pensioner who has since passed away, promoted a possible 'Peterborough TV service' and lately came up with 'Hereward Media.' Mr Fox became hyperventilated when the PBROTRIB enquired with regulator Ofcom, as to the veracity and viability of his Peterborough TV proposal, the link to the back posts are here.

Nik Fox 'aged 6 3/4'

Clearly the PCC Computer (ie IT) department may still be daft enough to entertain the idea (remember the mystery PCC BlueSky Company?) as the PCC currently use AWS (Amazon Web Services) a cloud based service in the USA to store all your personal data, the same outfit that has caused grief for several police forces who have been uploading bodycam data/ evidence to the AWS cloud. The US CIA is also a customer...  (You really could not make this up Dept. )

**OPM = other peoples' money

Lincolnshire UK Council Shuns Alternative Wireless Broadband Project

Posted Friday, May 15th, 2015 (9:32 am) by Mark Jackson 
wireless microwave link uk
The Lincolnshire County Council has rejected an alternative superfast broadband network proposal from a little known ISP called ionNET, which would have used its point-to-point and ‘up to’ 30Mbps capable wireless broadband network to reach rural parts that the local BT and Broadband Delivery UK programme might overlook.

At present the primary Onlincolnshire project (East Midlands, England) is already working with BT to roll-out FTTC/P based “superfast broadband” (24Mbps+) services to “at least” 89% of all premises in the county by April 2016 and a new contract could soon see this expanded to 95% by around 2017/18.

However big gaps in the coverage will still remain and ionNET claims that their solution could help to fill those. Indeed Lincolnshire already has form in this field after the EU contributed £300,000 to help wireless ISP ABInternet extend their network to parts of East Lindsey and Boston (here).
But apparently ionNET’s proposal, which would have required around £100k of public funding to cover all of South and Central Lincolnshire, was deemed to be too expensive (here).
Steve Brookes, LCC’s Broadband Programme Manager, said:
Earlier this year, the company approached us again, this time, following discussions, proposing what proved to be a much more expensive project than the original.
However, the target area was not one that would be eligible for funding from the European Regional Development Fund or BDUK. So, it would need to be paid for by the council itself, which was unrealistic given the current financial situation.
In addition, the projected cost would require us to go through a full tender process – we couldn’t simply hand the money over.”
On problem here is that state aid rules prevent overbuilding, except with some bits at the edges of a network, and from the description it sounds as if the ionNET coverage would have reached into many areas where the BDUK programme is already operating.

In any case ionNET’s Director, Nik Fox, feels adamant that this is a wasted opportunity: “At one point, we had a unique deal in place, which brought down costs considerably. Their own delays in engaging with the process saw that plan fade away. … The project is still viable, it’s still public money … When you look at costs against benefits, we don’t see why this has become such a problem.”

A quick look at the ISPs website reveals that their service, once available to an area, costs £199 +VAT to install (including all the needed kit) and the 30Mbps residential package costs £29.99 +vat per month (Note to ionNET: home services need to be inc. VAT) on a 24 month contract (50:1 contention ratio). The service is technically unmetered, although they do give a vague warning about the potential for restrictions. Sadly their website contains no T&C’s or any legally required contact details.

At present the ISP’s service is already live in Larne, Killinchy, Killyleagh & West Strangford Loughshore (Northern Ireland) and Bourne (Lincolnshire). But they are also looking to expand into parts of Rutland, the London Borough of Barnet, The Fens (East of Peterborough) and East Northamptonshire.

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Peterborough South Police Panel gets new chair Carol Harrison

At one time the police public panel meetings provided a fast conduit to get actions agreed and the concern of local residents taken into local police plans.

Meetings were well attended and a lively debate was assured, but seemingly not now that Police budget cuts are beginning to bite.

The new chair is Carol Harrison taking over from recently elected (for a year) Tory PCC councillor Ray Bisby,  Mr Bisby of course had only just taken on the Police Panel role, but obviously had to stand down on his election to council office.  However Ms Harrison has been parachuted in, and she is appealing for more residents to attend.

Perhaps if they published the dates in good time, it would encourage greater numbers?  The actions agreed at a meeting in July, (which has only just reached us) sadly include priorities we seem to have carried many times before:

WOODSTON - Action against drug use: The Dell cut through to New Road.

FLETTON - Nothing at all, which we find to be very strange.

PARK FARM - Continuing anti social behaviour in the Playground adjacent to Heritage Park School, and the area surrounding it.

We also find this decidedly odd as Cllr Harper lives just a street away, and is one of the projects he has shovelled loads of public money into, we say at the expense of the rest of the Ward.  We have independently reported to police, a number of scramble bikes being ridden on the green wheel, overfilled dog mess bins, and parking on pavements, so that mums with pushchairs have to walk into the road / traffic.  Keep sending us your videos and pictures .... You can catch up with Carol Harrison at the Sue Ryder Café in Stanground.

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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Exclusive: Peterborough Queensgate Deathwish fences take shape.

As the PBROTRIB  exclusively revealed, the first few 'deathwish' barrier uprights are already in place on the upper level of the Queensgate Car Park, as part of a huge safety measure by the shopping Centres new owners.  The car park has become famous for all the wrong reasons, as an increasing number of  people have chosen to end their lives by jumping from the roof level car park, and a new threat - base jumpers - has additionally raised the death toll at this City Centre Shoppiong Mall.  The grim toll traditionally  rises around the Christmas and New Year period.

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Friday, August 14, 2015


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Tuesday, August 11, 2015


JULIAN BRAY 01733 345581


The first batch of suicide prevention fencing uprights have arrived at a notorious deathwish car park in the centre of Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.. The move prompted after our publication of children playing on the unguarded top level of the Queensgate Shopping Centre.

Young people lark about on Peterborough Queensgate deathwish car park on Level 12
Young people larking about on Queensgate roof level car park (security camera is directly overhead)
The supporting metal beams arrived on Tuesday evening and quickly unloaded. Its thought the high number of town centre deaths and a few fatalities linked directly to the Queensgate shopping centre car park, have worried the new owners. Exclusive PbroTrib pictures showing children playing immediately under a top floor car par security camera is thought to have forced the decision to install the climb proof fences. The final visual appearance overlooking the revamped Bourges Boulevard "Gateway to Peterborough" disaster,  will resemble the security fencing recently installed in Calais Channel Tunnel Terminal to deter potential migrants, albeit on a smaller scale. Lower levels are having netting put in place, to deter base jumpers.

Police on site after youth falls to his death from Queensgate Shopping Centre, Peterborough

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