Yet another HUGE INCINERATION PLANT is heading our way, this time courtesy of Cambridge County Council. Take a good long look at the picture soon to be covered in fly ash and carcinogenic materials. Thank you Envitec Biogas Ventures Ltd


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Sunday, May 24, 2015


Royal British Legion's photo.

Veterans receiving a War Disablement Pension are in danger of losing all but the first £10 a week of their military compensation to cover the costs of their care.

We’ve got an opportunity to change this.

The Government has announced that it’ll be delivering an early budget and members of the public can submit their views until 5 June. Visit to make your voice heard and help deliver equality for our veterans.

‪#‎InsultToInjury  Hashtag on Twitter...


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Friday, May 22, 2015

Peterborough VIVACITY needs a sponsorship wrangler with a bit of culture thrown in...

Key Theatre Summer Season 2015
Vivacity. Current Key Theatre offers.  Where is the local production content?
All 'four walls' productions with profits going outside of this City.
Until the Key Theatre markets its own in house productions for touring.
The theatre will continue to limp along.
Ideally the Broadway should be gifted to the City (before it falls down)
(or sold for exactly the same money paid to the liquidators
of Peter Boizots bust Mistvalley company - it wasn't much)  and both venues
used to draw people into the City. That of course will need vision...

If this isn't a clear indication to the new Council members that 'Vivacity' is not fit for purpose, has totally and utterly lost its way, a financial disaster, and needs closing down; just read this newly released job specification for what they term a 'Director of Cultural Services.' The blurb from the recruiter seems to be impressive, but its not so much Cultural Services but a salesman generating profits for this 'not for profits' organisation. 

The PBROTRIB suggests the council take it all back, divide the current set up into three operations  


This will give both focus and identity to three operations and make them attractive to potential sponsors and international organisations.  At present the generic VIVACITY (sounding like a Mexican cartel)  is meaningless and clearly totally unattractive to major sponsors.. 

Simply the appointee has to be adept at proffering the corporate begging bowl, at a time when the Arts Council under the Conservatives have slashed budgets. The salary is also a joke for this level of responsibility circa £50k ... a fraction of what the Vivacity Chief executive trousers even though he promised to make the non-profit making organisation self financing and not reliant on council handouts.

If you think you can take this shambles on, this is what the recruiters ad. says:

Director of Cultural Services

A strategic senior management team role with Vivacity, Peterborough’s leading  [ie only]Culture, Sports and Leisure provider.

Full time
Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

£48,641 to £53,577 plus benefits

Vivacity is an independent, not-for-profit organisation managing many of Peterborough’s most popular culture and leisure facilities. Our vision is to enable and deliver inspiring cultural and leisure activities to the residents of and visitors to Peterborough, including arts, heritage, libraries and sport.

As Director of Cultural Services reporting directly to our Chief Executive, your overarching brief will be to increase the numbers of people enjoying higher-quality cultural services and to increase both revenue and profit margin.

As the member of our senior management team spearheading the development of relationships with key cultural providers and stakeholders, the Director of Cultural Services will plan strategically the development of all of Vivacity’s cultural assets, in addition to managing our programme of volunteer services. Key accountabilities as Director of Cultural Services include:

• strategic oversight and direct management of all budgets
• strategic planning and delivery of the successful development of our arts, heritage, library and archive services
• leading on large-scale capital and other major arts, heritage, library and archive projects
• leading in partnership with the Grants Manager, the maximisation of external funding opportunities • playing a key role in maximising sponsorship.
Educated to degree level and/or with an equivalent professional qualification, you must have a proven track record of delivering successful customer service at senior level, underpinned by in-depth knowledge of at least one of: arts; heritage; archives, or library services.

With excellent interpersonal and all-round communication skills, you’re strong on creating, leading and managing medium-sized teams to deliver results. A first-class analytical and conceptual thinker, with high-level skills in handling press and public relations, you’re also skilled in managing and developing high-quality programmes encompassing large-scale (5,000+ people) events. Your other attributes include:

• the ability to secure sponsorship from private sector or equivalent partners
• business and budget management skills – revenue £0.5m; capital £1m
• consultation with customers including hard-to-reach groups.

 Further information is available at the Vivacity-Peterborough website.

Closing Date: Friday 12th June 2015

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Peterborough City Council Meeting First Conservative defeat chalked up

Where the hell are we?

What a difference a day makes... its looks as if the Conservatives sans 'the dear leader' chalked up its first major defeat, although they applied their long established robotic as one voting technique but lost the amendment by just one vote, opposition Peterborough City Council councillors voted against the Conservatives being automatically appointed chair of the scrutiny committees.

Although some of the scrutiny committees in the past have been little more than tick box complaint exercises and included jokers such as recently convicted lag (after a full Trial) Conservative Cllr. Peter Hiller, who retained his seat, along with Cllr.Turnip, the latter and spouse gets a badge for a full years chain carrying ( 2 badges - inscribed on back too, well its a heavy chain...) as outgoing Mayors Deputy.

An amendment scraped through at a meeting of the full council on Wednesday, May 20th.
The amendment proposed by Cllr. Darren Fower so far sees Cllr. Nick Sandford appointed chair of the Sustainable Growth and Environment Capital Scrutiny Committee.

Labour’s Cllr Nick Thulbourn appointed vice chair.

The amendment covers the appointments for both the chair and vice chair of several committees including:

Strong and Supportive Communities Scrutiny Committee,
Creating Opportunities and Tackling Inequality Scrutiny Committee,
Scrutiny Commission for Rural Communities and
Scrutiny Commission for Health Issues.

As it stands, Conservatives appoint three of the seven seats in each of the four committees, and will in every case represent a minority. So if the opposition groups can maintain a cordial council relationship, expect fireworks and unpredictable outcomes at every future committee meeting...

Although the Conservatives robotically voted against ( we are not certain who is now pulling the strings...) the amendment passed by 28 votes to 27!

By all accounts it was a rough old evening with the Labour faction failing to put up an effective candidate for Leader with the result that Cllr Holdich was elected unopposed as Council Leader.

Leader of the Labour Group Cllr Mohammed Jamil, who is facing a vote of no confidence having at the last minute failed to put himself up as a candidate for Leader of the Council, said cross-party work on the committees could restore confidence in the council. Just hold onto that thought Cllr Jamil! Might happen when hell finally freezes over....

Cllr Wayne Fitzgerald, now deputy leader of the Conservatives ( does he get an inscribed badge?), watching the power slip through his fingers, pleaded with the opposition groups not to exclude Conservative members as committee chairs. Council carpenters are meanwhile adding an extra 6 inches to the PCC soapbox, so Cllr Fitz. need not stand at the front, to be seen in photographs.

Newly elected council leader Cllr.. John Holdich, through gritted teeth  growled: “As it’s the will of the council, I'll do my best to make it work.”

Two labour members left the chamber for a while, could be they knocked back a swift one in the Argo lounge? Now infamously remembered as the place where Channel4 news Jon Snow iled to recall the name of the City when, live on air.  Don't worry Jon its downtown Rome, well for a few more months ...

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Well this one was kept well under wraps by the Tories during the Peterborough City Council local election. Soon yet another massive waste biogas incinerator complete with flare pipe will be belching out carcinogenic fumes and fly ash from nearby Horsey Toll Farm landing all over Cardea, Stanground and Park Farm; if the current planning application before Cambridgeshire County Council goes through.

Expect the value of your houses new and old , and those not yet built, to take a massive hit, once its known this part of Cambrideshire is the designated area for all forms of invasive incineration. The more the merrier.  You really could not make this up. Just wait until the Cambridgeshire fracking applications go in...don't expect them to be anywhere near the City of Cambridge!

NONE of our Peterborough councillors will be too worried, one has employed school children to deliver leaflets but itxs more an  invitation to join his facebook page. The newly elected Peterborough councillors can simply blame the County and say its not in their power to do anything...although the scrubbed but still carcinogenic fumes will radiate over this part of the City of Peterborough and our Stanground wards and Schools in particular.

Don't expect any action from Stewart Jackson MP, as its not his patch. However a lobby of MP Shailesh Varas office might be useful, He's just been reappointed Under Secretary of State for Justice.

Councillors are only in office for less than a year due to ward changes next year, so its the perfect storm.

Hats off to Envitec Biogas Ventures Ltd offshoot of the massive German firm, for dreaming this one up. The timing of their campaign is perfect. They must have known, no effective official opposition from Peterborough can be mounted UNLESS individual residents take some action and quickly. Quite simply we are all on our own!

You can start with this: and urgently put in your own comments.
 href=wphappcriteria.display?paSearchKey=16647>Search Criteria > Search Results

Planning applications - Details

Application Details



Full Application (Waste)


Benwick Coates and Eastrea1

Horsey Toll Farm, Toll Road, Peterborough, PE7 2PP View location map

Applicant Details


Envitec Biogas Ventures Ltd 



Agent Details



J H Walter LLP 



And a little background on Envitec:

Since June 2007, EnviTec Biogas has had a presence in the UK through its joint venture with ARM Ltd., a leading supplier of pig housing and equipment for agricultural businesses in the UK. EnviTec and ARM Ltd. hold 60 and 40 percent, respectively, in EnviTec Biogas (UK) Limited. The contract signed with E.H. & B. Dymond & Son is the first result of the cooperation between the two partners.

EnviTec Biogas AG covers the entire value chain for the production of biogas - including the planning and turnkey construction of biogas plants as well as their commissioning. The company provides the biological and technical service and also offers the full plant and operating management. In addition, EnviTec also operates its own biogas plants. In Penkun, in the German state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, EnviTec is currently constructing what it believes to be the world's largest biogas park with an electrical connected load of 20 megawatts. Already today, EnviTec is represented through its own subsidiaries, joint ventures or sales offices in the Netherlands, Italy, France, the UK, China, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Romania, the Ukraine and India. In Belgium, Croatia and Greece, the company is already in the process of planning and constructing biogas plants. In 2006 EnviTec generated revenues of EUR 100.7 million and EBIT of EUR 18.5 million. The EnviTec Group has about 260 employees. Since July 2007 EnviTec is listed on the Prime Standard segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Waste-to-energy pilot project in Osaka successfully implemented

First EnviTec plant in Japan connected to the grid

The 250 kW EnviWaste plant - heading for Cardea and Stanground?
Lohne, 7th April 2015 – Even today, four years after the terrible disaster, Fukushima is a memorial for a radical energy revolution in Japan and across the globe. Together with RENAGEN Inc., a Japanese biogas company, EnviTec Biogas is supporting Japan’s green energy objectives and has just successfully commissioned its first biogas plant in Osaka Prefecture.

The 250 kW EnviWaste plant is the pilot project for the strategic partnership between EnviTec and RENAGEN. The company is part of REMATEC Group, a leading waste recycling company based in Japan and South-East Asia. “With this plant we, together with EnviTec Biogas, can for the first time demonstrate the enormous efficiency of the waste-to-energy technology used here to the Japanese market”, said Daisuke Mishima, CEO of RENAGEN.

Establish up to ten biogas plants in cooperation per year

For the industrial country of Japan, energy generation from waste material marks an important step towards the attainment of the country’s climate objectives. With a population of over 126 million, Japan is ranked as the tenth most populous country in the world. Before the Tsunami disaster, the island country ranked at third place among the world’s largest producers of nuclear-generated electricity, coming in after the USA and France.

Investor Relations:   
Joanna Rode
EnviTec Biogas AG
Tel: +49 44 42 80 65-118+49 44 42 80 65-118

Press Contact:
Grit Pauli
HOSCHKE & CONSORTEN Public Relations GmbH
Tel: +49 40 36 90 50-31+49 40 36 90 50-31



Mike McLaughlin – Managing Director

Telephone: 01250 87226101250 872261

Andrew Brittain – Operations Director

For general enquiries and Equipment
Telephone: 01889 57505501889 575055

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Shailesh Vara MP appointed to Justice Ministry

Shailesh Vara MP has been reappointed to the Justice Ministry as a Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State. Mr Varas' responsibilities will include Courts and Tribunals, Legal Aid, Administrative Justice, and Legal Services.
Following his appointment the Conservative North West Cambridgeshire MP said:  I'm delighted to be reappointed as a Justice Minister. I am particularly looking forward to continuing with my previous responsibilities, where there is still much work to be done.’

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Monday, May 18, 2015

DPiP DIGITAL PEOPLE IN PETERBOROUGH Wednesday June 3rd 2015 Bewiched Coffe House 25 Bridge Street

Join up at  Tweet at @DPiPboro  

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

PBROTRIB SUGGESTION TO GIFT £1.5m TAKEN UP BY THOMAS COOK CEO Peter Fankhauser. Family: ‘Our compensation was accepted before the inquest in which [Peterborough based] Thomas Cook were found to have breached their duty of care...'

Sharon Wood (left) and her husband Paul leaving Wakefield Coroners Court as a jury considering its verdicts at the inquests into the deaths of two young children who died of carbon monoxide poisoning during a holiday in Greece has been told by a coroner the only conclusion it can come to is unlawful killing. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Issue date: Tuesday May 12, 2015. A two-week long hearing has heard how Bobby and Christi Shepherd, aged six and seven, died at the Louis Corcyra Beach Hotel, on Corfu, when they were overcome by fumes from a faulty boiler. But the jurors were told by West Yorkshire Coroner David Hinchliff that it had been agreed that the only conclusion they could come to "would be a conclusion of unlawful killing". Mr Hinchliff then told the jury: "This has been a complex, difficult and sometimes harrowing exercise. But you have to make your determination based on the evidence that you've heard and not on any feelings of sympathy and empathy with the family." Bobby and Christi, from Horbury, near Wakefield, were on a half-term break with their father, Neil, and his partner, now wife, Ruth, when the tragedy happened in October 2006. Mr and Mrs Shepherd sat in the court today to listen to the coroner sum up the evidence, as they have done throughout the inquest. Next to them sat the children's mother, Sharon Wood, who has also followed the proceedings from the public gallery with her husband, Paul. They have heard that Bobby and Christi were found dead in a bungalow in the grounds of the hotel by a chambermaid. Mr and Mrs Shepherd were found in comas but later recovered. See PA story INQUEST Corfu. Photo credit should read: Dave Higgens/PA Wire
The children’s parents have only received a fraction of the £3.5million compensation they had been expecting (Picture: PA)

Latest: Thomas Cook has today [Monday] taken up the PBROTRIB suggestion issued yesterday to gift £1,500,000 (what has been termed 'blood money') to the UN childrens charity Unicef. This is how BBC NEWS reported the development earlier today:
Thomas Cook said its insurers had taken half of the payout for legal costs. It said donating the remainder to Unicef was "the right thing to do".

Group chief executive officer Peter Fankhauser said: "Thomas Cook has not in any way profited from our claim against the hotel owner.
"In late 2012, we brought a claim against the hotelier for breaching their contract to provide safe accommodation to our customers and to comply with all applicable laws, which was decided in our favour.
"Today I have made arrangements for the full amount - £1.5m - to be donated in full to Unicef, the world's leading children's organisation.
"I believe this is the right thing to do and I apologise to the family for all they have gone through."

 This is what the family said earlier yesterday, Sunday:

‘Our compensation was accepted before the inquest in which [Peterborough based] Thomas Cook were found to have breached their duty of care.

‘We accepted the offer from the Louis Group Hotel chain because we were in financial ruin with the enormous cost of attending court hearings in Corfu and the subsequent impact on our businesses which have since ceased trading.’

Julian Bray writes: This is nothing less than a major international PR disaster for the Peterborough based travel firm Thomas Cook.

Where is the Chief Executive Peter Fankhauser  (not a British national)?  Why is CEO Fankhauser not immediately hosting a an all media news conference to reassure future Thomas Cook holidaymakers, they will not be put at risk?  

Where is the statement that properly explains the basis of the legal award (clearly not 'compensation' as the unnamed Thomas Cook seemingly poorly briefed spokesperson stated) and that it was for legal costs incurred?

Who made the claim was it Thomas Cooks insurance company and if so why are they not named?

Where is the offer to additionally compensate the family ( this matter has dragged on for a full 10 years ) for all their subsequent travel and other expenses.

Its reported the family earlier accepted £350,000:00 or 10 percent of the Thomas Cook payout. They claim they were in danger of being declared bankrupt and were forced to accept the payment.

Where is the full legal apology and a detailed account of the lessons learned from this tragic event?

The newspapers have branded it 'blood money' perhaps half of the £3.5million should be paid over to the family and the other half to a charity of the parents choice?  

Mrs Wood told the Mail on Sunday: ‘It seems our children’s lives are worth only a fraction of Thomas Cook’s reputation.’

She said her frustration is not about money, but the family is ‘incensed’ that the travel firm sought to claim back costs after a 2010 criminal trial in Greece during which three employees from the Louis Corcyra Beach hotel were found guilty of manslaughter.

Asked about the compensation the firm received, a spokesman for Thomas Cook said: ‘After it was clear that the hotel was responsible for the tragedy all parties affected were compensated and Thomas Cook received a compensation that partly compensated for the costs related to the incident.’

He said the compensation covered ‘some of the costs incurred up to and during the trial in Corfu in 2010′.

On Wednesday a jury at an inquest almost 10 years after the deaths of the children from Horbury, near Wakefield gave a conclusion of unlawful killing, and said Thomas Cook had ‘breached their duty of care’.

The foreman also read out a series of conclusions which included how Thomas Cook had been misled by the hotel about its gas supply, but also how the holiday giant’s health and safety audit of the complex was inadequate.

Speaking after the inquest Mrs Wood said she would always hold the travel firm responsible for the deaths, saying they ‘could and should have identified that lethal boiler.’

The children’s father Neil Shepherd claimed the firm had ‘hidden behind a wall of silence and they have refused to answer any questions for almost nine years.’

Responding to criticism from the family over an apparent failure to apologise over the deaths the spokesman said a letter saying ‘sorry’ had been sent from Thomas Cook chief executive Peter Fankhauser.

Mrs Wood told the Mail on Sunday the firm should have apologised at the inquest.

The coroner said he would deliver recommendations later this year to relevant organisations which he hoped would influence British and European law and practices in the holiday industry.

Read more:

Sources METRO, CNS, PA, BBC NEWS, SKY and a

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Peterborough could still have an inexpensive solar power option with liquid methylammonium lead iodide.

Peterborough can bless its cotton socks that the trounced Marco Cereste and his obsession with solid panel solar parks was defeated as we would have been lumbered with old expensive solar technology for some 25 years.

New materials are now being developed including this stunning electricity producing liquid  known as methylammonium lead iodide.

On the  desk of Chris Case, chief technology officer of Oxford Photovoltaics, there sits a small but heavy vial filled with a canary-yellow liquid. “That’s enough for a kilowatt,” he says. The material in the vial is called methylammonium lead iodide, and enthusiasts such as Dr Case believe it, and materials like it—known collectively as perovskites—could lead to a dramatic increase in the world’s use of power from the sun. 

Oxford Photovoltaics is one of many firms, both small and large, that see promise in perovskites. These are compounds that share a crystal structure and are named, collectively, after the mineral that was the first substance found to have this structure. Often, they are semiconductors. This means that, like the most famous semiconductor of all, silicon, they can be used in solar cells.

The first perovskite solar cells were made in 2009. They converted 3.8% of the light falling on them into electricity. Now, the best hoover up around 20%. This rate of conversion is similar to the performance of commercial silicon cells, and researchers are confident they can push it to 25% in the next few years.

Moreover, unlike silicon, perovskites are cheap to turn into cells. To make a silicon cell, you have to slice a 200-micron-ta serious rival.
Light workhick wafer from a solid block of the element. A perovskite cell can be made by mixing some chemical solutions and pouring the result onto a suitable backing, or by vaporising precursor molecules and letting them condense onto such a backing. If these processes can be commercialised, silicon solar cells will have
Solar cells, perovskite ones included, all function in broadly the same way. When light hits a crystal of the material they are made from, it frees electrons (which are negatively charged) and leaves behind what are, in effect, positively charged holes in the crystal lattice. This formation of electron-hole pairs is characteristic of semiconductors exposed to light. Neighbouring materials then capture the positive and negative charges and transport them to electrode layers on the cell’s outer faces, where they generate a current.
This general theme, though, is capable of variation. Last year, for example, Michael Grätzel of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, in Lausanne, devised a cell in which the perovskites were infused into the electron-capturing material, rather than being a separate layer. That design, he thinks, will make cells cheaper to manufacture, and more stable. Dyesol, an Australian firm with which Dr Grätzel is collaborating, agrees. It is building a factory in Turkey, planned to open in 2017, to manufacture solar cells that are based on the Grätzel infusion principle.
But the variations on the photovoltaic theme that most excite researchers at the moment are tandem cells, which have layers of both perovskite and silicon in them. These will permit more of the spectrum to be converted into electricity. Perovskites can be made to many different formulae, which means they can be tuned to absorb different parts of the spectrum. The top layer of a tandem cell is a perovskite that has been tweaked to absorb strongly at the blue end of the spectrum. Beneath it is a layer of silicon, which mops up the red.
The first such tandem was unveiled in March by researchers from Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It had an efficiency of 13.7%. This week, Oxford Photovoltaics showed off one that has an efficiency of 20%. It hopes to see its first commercial tandems roll off production lines in 2017. This marriage of convenience between the old and new ways of doing photovoltaics may not, however, last long. Henry Snaith, Oxford Photovoltaics’ founder, looks forward to all-perovskite tandems that have cells of different composition, each tuned to harvest a particular part of the solar spectrum.
The main obstacle to the march of perovskites is water: they decompose in it. Perovskite solar panels must thus be totally watertight. But technology exists to make effective seals on solar cells. The standard tests for cells, including those for watertightness, are set by a body called the International Electrotechnical Commission. One of these tests requires that cells sustain their performance for more than 1,000 hours at 85°C and 85% humidity. Others put cells through drastic temperature swings, artificial hailstorms and so on. Dr Snaith says that Oxford Photovoltaics’ cells have passed the 1,000 hour test and are well on the way to making 2,000 hours.
Another way around the problem of a potentially limited lifetime is to find applications where it does not matter. In these, perovskites should do well. Some firms, for example, hope to enter the mobile-device market—reasoning that such devices are usually replaced by their owners every few years and so do not require a long-life cell. Saule Technologies, in Poland, and VTT, in Finland, are experimenting with flexible perovskite cells intended to charge mobiles. Olga Malinkiewicz, Saule’s founder, says that her company has made prototype flexible cells which are 3% efficient, and she thinks its engineers can get to 10% in the next two years. When Saule’s cells are commercialised, she plans to make them using inkjet printers that spray perovskite precursors onto adhesive backings. This will permit the cells to be stuck onto any device that needs power.
Oxford Photovoltaics and Dyesol, though, are looking at larger-scale, longer-lasting products. They hope to glaze buildings with panes covered in semi-transparent perovskite cells, allowing such edifices to declare, if not independence then at least autonomy from the power grid. The ultimate dream, though, would be to feed that grid itself with power from perovskite cells. At the moment, solar energy contributes a little over 1% to the world’s electricity production. Silicon cells are teetering on the brink of being properly competitive with fossil fuels, but a new way of doing things might push costs down dramatically. Perovskites could be that innovation.

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Saturday, May 16, 2015

What now for the City of Peterborough?


Yes, I have to admit it, offered at short notice, a cruise to the eastern med, to try out the newly refitted Explorer of the Seas and impart a bit of history and culture to its shipboard masses, so missed the run up to the General Election and the Local Government Election in Peterborough.

But take heart an extended outwards trip through a very rough Bay of Biscay as the first Port of Call was Bilbao, was probably my penance for not being in place to see the Election carnage unfold, leaving it to BBC World News TV to serve up disjointed UK nuggets in between, shocking news from Nepal and endless Med refugee boat stories and pieces on Indian industry. On other stateroom channels early TOP Gear programmes with Jeremy Clarkson seemingly age 9

Didn't see any refugees by the way, but Spanish border police unexpectedly demanded all non UK passport holders to muster at 6:30am for a snap passport inspection AND STAMPED ENTRY PERMITS FOR SPAIN! Needless to say the Americans were furious. But we do live in very dangerous times, do the Spanish know something that we don't?

I did however call the Peterborough outcome right, with Marco Cereste being dumped and UKIP in Stanground Central ward polling better than Mr Cereste. I will however miss the 'Dear Leader' if only his antics would continue to fill this blog several times over, and made the quest for enlightenment much easier.

Marco never really understood the mechanics of Twitter although he would block anyone with an alternative view to his own, he never really understood, we could still immediately read his ghosted (?) tweets, and who on earth sold him that rapid twitter followers package?

Some of his so called followers were very strange indeed, and from exotic countries too. But when you look back at what has happened, we still have a no overall control council and councillors with very little practical 'complex metropolitan' experience, as Marco called the shots, ran up the bills, and in most cases pulled the robotic voting strings.

We are also faced with a huge debt mountain, and a rapidly escalating slash and burn financial policy to reduce spending and put many basic services at risk.

We really urgently need a Chief Executive with solid financial commercial experience in place. A thorough review of all contracts, re-examination and opening of the books over the last six years, especially where the mantra 'its commercially sensitive' has been routinely trotted out. Mrs Beasley please accept our thanks, and it is time to move on, in the process slashing your Corp. Dept empire by 80 percent. The cock up over the election printing cannot be laid at the distant printers door, either in St Albans or Yorkshire  ( they say on their website, the finishing is done in Yorkshire)

Marco in my view disgracefully saddled the City with so many very long term contracts, as a result most of what passes for the Budget and future Central Government bungs are already spent up and will still be in place long after the baby boomers are pushing up the daisies.

His carcinogenic belching incinerator raining down on future generations and the horrendous not fit for purpose Bourges Boulevard disaster with RMS Titanic style brutal slabs of riveted iron sheets and rootballed saplings is still not finished, and just wait until the overhead footway vanishes overnight and it dawns that Mums with strollers, cyclists, commuters and other weary foot soldiers will have to deal with traffic head on, with drivers equally cursing a string of traffic lights and a 30 mph speed limit. Still the pathway to the Brewery Tap is an improvement.

As Marco tapped up the European Commission cannot lay that totally at his door.

The multi million contaminated soil disaster on Fletton Parkway is however another matter, he's still bleating how could anyone have known? History, Marco, History! Look at what was on site before you came along. The City was a heavy engineering railway town with all that entails.

Until an ICI scientific officer Dr Beeching,  carved up our railways simply by taking out anything that went left to right and right to left leaving a few lines up and down the country. We dug up the photographic proof of the Fletton Parkway soil contamination within a couple of hours. Soil samples, test bores would have confirmed the evidence.

Still he left the Euston Arch for my Dad, a BR Property Board director to knock down years later, over a Bank Holiday weekend before the London Borough of Camden could slap an emergency preservation order on it.  The blocks by the way are in a large garden in Rickmansworth, as part of a water feature.  The Cereste Memorial fountains and small dirty boy wash, with those blocks Marco you could have done so much more, a rock climbing wall perhaps?

Marco sadly let political power go to his head, egged on by a bunch of yes men (and a few women) who should have known better. Its called Public Service but not as we know it.

Still we are also left with Stewart Jackson MP, nursing a slashed majority and a life on the back benches, despite the help the Petertorygraph afforded with weekly star billing and billboards on their rented offices,  but he was saved by the farming community and landowners/ villages on the edge of his constituency.

Hopefully Wacco will have learned a huge lesson of humility, and instead of tilting at overseas windmills, put his talents into actively supporting this City instead of letting Cambridge cream off all the top projects and finance. For heavens sake, we are on a main railway line Stewart! I did tweet and congratulate him on his "victory" hoping that he would finally take the hint, only time will tell - he's got just 5 years.

All in all, very rough times ahead,  and a shattered Labour Party who need to regroup and consider what their 21st Century role is. Clearly Unite will also be rethinking its position. Still you voted and the outcome is now set. Just live with it! You'll have another chance in 12 months time wen we start the local process all over again.... 


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THE HIGH COURT has ruled....People have a right to lampoon and criticise politicians and public officials under the Human Rights Act, the High Court has ruled. We have the full High Court judgment, saved as a page on here, which should save Cllr. Turnip (who we honestly and truly believe to be a serially useless local councillor), a bob or two.
Cllr Turnip (so dubbed this as he spent an astonishing £1,800:00 of Community Leaders Funding - designed for the good of the whole ward - on "raised vegetable beds for infants" at a very well funded local authority school, together with some other additional funding from the CLF to the same school.

lampoon (lampoon) Pronunciation: /lamˈpuːn/ verb [with object] publicly criticize (someone or something) by using ridicule, irony, or sarcasm: the actor was lampooned by the press noun a speech or text lampooning someone or something: the magazine fired at God, Royalty, and politicians, using cartoons and lampoons.

Derivatives: lampooner noun lampoonery noun lampoonist noun Origin: mid 17th century: from French lampon, said to be from lampons 'let us drink' (used as a refrain), from lamper 'gulp down', nasalized form of laper 'to lap (liquid).

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