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Thursday, July 30, 2015



Julian Bray writes: We did resist the urge to comment on the very Americano (as in milky coffee) like piece in the Petertorygraph which purported to put Marco Cerestes lacklustre political term of office under the spotlight. But a few calls prompted a response, more in sorrow at the totally wasted opportunities, and the eyewatering amounts of public money spent on a series of decidedly odd pet vanity projects. Bourges Boulevard with its rusty razor teethed central divider and dead or dying dried out rootballed trees being a good example. Water Taxis, Lids on Lidos, the list is endless. Turning a classic English City - with a Cathedral - into a pastiche of downtown Rome - and bragging about it in the Italian press was never going to fly...

What we were presented with was something that might at one time have graced the lavender scented pages of Ladies Home Journal.  You would have thought the scribe concerned had a close personal relationship with Council publicity officers and promised not to upset the applecart. Just a gentle stroll through a sanitised This is your Life complete with a huge Red Book - the latter possibly representing the debt mountain and a slash and burn series of budgets dressed up as 'savings' - they were in reality savage brutal cuts with promises of more to come.

Few probing, thrusting questions but there again it might have caused a family upset if the City Council wasn't featherbedded. Where were the probing questions? Taking apart the Marco largesse and some of the pitiful self justification for a job that was poorly executed, seldom explained, and seemed to the world and his wife as a self-serving benefit for the ever increasing Marco group of enterprises?  Admittedly some of those would fail others wound up, but the empire rolls on.

Clearly during his tenure, he could only rely on a few hard working councillors, some of his crew didn't even bother to turn up for core meetings, once they were elected, and allowances trousered, others found it too arduous to hold regular councillor surgeries. 

Cllr Sheila Scott, a former owner of adult care homes, put in charge of the unfit for purpose Peterborough Childrens Services for example has now decided to call it a day - well she'll put in the expenses until the next election next year.

Marco admitted that his own businesses had suffered due to his civic duties, but as he once told this writer over a cup of Earl Grey,  that all new propositions for the City would be directed through his office. At that point my then vibrant City contact book slammed shut, and at least five major projects went elsewhere. An Insurance Company, Brokerage, Specialist Engineering Group, Data Recovery Firm and a credit card processing centre.

We had a good old belly laugh as the prose lingered over the monogrammes on the former dear leaders designer shirt and how hurtful nasty people had dared question his brand of stewardship. Even 'The Godfather' movie was worked in, trouble is when the horses head was about to be discovered, it turned overnight into a prize donkey and small dirty boy wash. But we like continuity so the burger van is still there, and the smell of kibbled onions wafts over the used needle strewn City Centre streets. Don't think Cromwell Street has seen a street sweeper in years. The soup kitchen behind the Brewery Tap still has a regular queue of some 40 customers...

There was nothing about Marco rehiring the old Lag Peter Hiller and the dear leaders astonishing rant at the judiciary. Cllr Hiller you will recall was convicted of criminal damage after a full public trial. Fined and had to pay costs. It was left open if the deposed dear leader would put his expensively shod foot back into the political arena but frankly the debt mountain is now so high there would be little to make an honest turn on...  

We had the woeful tale of the solar parks, something he might have got through with his introduction of 'robotic voting', had it not been painfully obvious that the dear leader had at his disposal a variety of private firms ready to service and maintain the installations, and what on earth is he doing with some Mexican firm in Roswell? Perhaps the aliens did land after all.

Clearly Peterborough is going to be boring without him, but we still have Stewart Jackson  as an Aunt Sally and backbench MP, just four more years and #wacco will possibly join his chums in the House of Lords? No? Oh well we can dream.

Bye Marco, time to pack up the carpet bag and move on... I'd like to say it was a pleasure, but at least the Brewery Tap was saved. They do leaving parties ........ Ciao!

And as our parting gift to you, your best bits:

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Message from
PCSO Umar Shabir

 I would like to share some fantastic news.  Last year myself and PCSO 7077 Simonov came across a male riding an off road bike on public land in Hampton Peterborough.

He was challenged robustly and refused to provide details and denied even being on the bike, despite being caught red handed!

The matter was taken to court and this is the outcome:

-Drive while disqualified
-Use a M/V without third party insurance
-Ride a motor cycle on a road and fail to wear protective headgear
-Make off while detained by community support officer having given  false information 
 -14 weeks imprisonment
-18 months disqualification
-To pay £80 towards court costs.

E&OE Tel:+44 (0) 1733 345581 ISDN COOBE LINK: +44 (0) 1733 345020 IPHONE 0743 303 145 > PETERBOROUGH TRIB NEWSREEL .

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Cllr Sheila Scott finally takes the hint and quits council and politics

Cllr Sheila Scott quits Peterborough Childrens services and exits politics
Sheila Scott to quit politics...

...and finally some really good news, the serially useless former adult care home owner Councillor Sheila Scott has stepped down as Cabinet Member for Peterborough Childrens Services, often Cllr Scott would turn up to important City Council meetings woefully unprepared, wing her way through questions, and at times seemed to be dressed by the nearby Oxfam shop.

Her classic radio meltdown interview on BBC Cambridgshire, is we understand being used as course material at broadcasting colleges, so at least something positive.   Hopefully the new incumbent will realise the importance of the Cabinet role, and act as a real champion for the growing number of disadvantaged, battered and abused children in this City. They have been poorly served so far. Childrens Services in Peterborough have had a rough ride over the last decade, with Sheila Scott as Cabinet Member for Childrens Services, it was only to be expected.

There is nothing good we can say about Cllr Scott, which is a pity. We also hear that Mrs Scott will also be leaving politics at the next election next year. It just remains for Cllr Turnip to take the hint and follow her lead...

E&OE Tel:+44 (0) 1733 345581 ISDN COOBE LINK: +44 (0) 1733 345020 IPHONE 0743 303 145 > PETERBOROUGH TRIB NEWSREEL .

Friday, July 24, 2015


Julian Bray writes: Although elsewhere we have poked fun at the never ending road works and the painfully slow progress and completion of Bourges Boulevard; leaving aside the fact that it now looks nothing like the drawings, there is a far darker side to consider.

The Peterborough City Council are on notice that the jagged teeth upended steel plate ripsaw divider is highly dangerous and really needs a firmly secured Armco style barrier either side.

 It is dangerous as any vehicle hitting it, or being sideswiped by traffic to/or from the station junction, and sliding along the barrier which consists of tines or unforgiving teeth, which will rip through metal, like a knife through butter. The situation is also complicated by the intentionally bent 'tines' to form a wavering pattern, all at driver head height which would be fatal to anyone coming off a motorbike and diving head or torso first into the decorative slashed metal sheets.

The same also applies to anyone riding a bicycle, and again falling off (possibly wet or snowbound road conditions) or being hit by a vehicle.

Hopefully by publishing this if someone does have an accident they will get the very maximum in compensation, as clearly the council and their officers will now be fully aware of the new hazard now installed and on legal notice.

It would also be interesting to see the completed risk assessment and how the dangerous sheet metal divider can ever hope to meet even basic safety standards. Both councillors and officers need to realise they are subject to the recently enacted Corporate Manslaughter Act.

I would wager that a detailed risk assessment hasn't been completed. If it has then hopefully journalists will be given a copy so it can be published .

E&OE Tel:+44 (0) 1733 345581 ISDN COOBE LINK: +44 (0) 1733 345020 IPHONE 0743 303 145 > PETERBOROUGH TRIB NEWSREEL .

Thursday, July 23, 2015


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Now that the new driveway to the Brewery Tap has been opened (called Bourges Boulevard for some reason)

here are a few

Forthcoming Events 

This Saturday 25th July, The Brewery Tap will be hosting The Gables Reunion.  Join us for an evening of Classic Funk, Soul, R&B and House tunes.  DJ sets from Eddie Nash, Stuart Skipworth, Dave Allen and Steve Jason. Entry to this event is £5 per person with all funds raised being donated to Sue Ryder.

This event will be held in the main venue and will commence at 8pm.
The Glorious One Eyed Cats
Friday 31st July

We are delighted to be welcoming back the one and only Glorious One Eyed Cats.  The Cats specialise in seat of your pants rock and roll, rhythm and blues, swing and good times music.  The Cats will be performing loud and proud from 10pm.  

Find out more
Oakham Mic
Sunday 2nd August

See the latest up and coming local stars perform or meet other musicians at the area's premier open mic night.

This event starts at 6pm and is very popular, please arrive early to secure your slot if you wish to perform.

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Monday Night Noodle Madness
Every Monday 

What better way to start the week then with a visit to The Brewery Tap for Monday Night Noodle Madness? A great selection of dishes to choose from for only £6.95  Available every Monday from 5:30 pm.  

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Firefighters Tackle Histon Barn Fire

Remains of a barn destroyed by fire

Two crews from Cambridge and a crew from Cottenham were called to reports of smoke in the area of Park Lane, Histon.

A single storey barn measuring 5m by 3m containing garden machinery and a tractor was on fire. Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus set up a water shuttle and used hose reels to prevent the fire from spreading to involve adjacent property and to extinguish the barn. 
The crews returned to their stations by 7am.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Multi-coloured packets of cocaine worth £70 million found in the boot of a taxi

Cocaine worth an estimated £70 million has been found in the boot of a taxi.
Credit: Met Police